September, 2016

Bilingual Online Marketing

September 8th, 2016

What happens when a prospect enters your website and does not understand the language? If that prospect is like 99% of people, it will search another site with similar products or services that have the information in their native language. At these heights of the by end of first decade of the 21st century, is no longer a secret that having a website is one of the basic tools for a brand is a fast and economical way (addressing current and potential clients the 24 hrs., seven days a week). Even so, having virtual presence already is not enough. Anyone who has a web site may tell you. The online competition is brutal.

Internet from the beginning has broken borders, reason why we should keep them widely open and with the basic information of our site in at least another language (English). For this reason and in order to encourage them to explore this method for a better e-marketing (work in linguistic services), then list 5 advantages, statistics and tips for have a bilingual site. 1 Languages on the Internet during 2009: 1.1 English language: 456 million Internet 1.2 Chinese language users: 321 million users in Internet 1.3 Spanish language: 131 million users in Internet 1.4 language Japanese: 94 users in Internet 1.5 million French language: 74 million users in Internet 1.6 language Portuguese: 73 million users in Internet 1.7 German language: 65 Million users in Internet 1.8 language Arabic: 41 million users in Internet 1.9 Russian language: 38 million users in Internet 1.10 language Korean: 37 million users in Internet 1.6 other languages: 258 million users in Internet 2. Anticipate before developing considers that if plans to advance the growth of your site (registration of professionals), will prevent severe headaches at the moment grow little by little. When you go to start the development of your web site, take into account as something necessary to include within that plan the 2nd language.

Institute Professional

September 8th, 2016

This communicative course is intended for architects and engineers who have been received recently and need of autocad software to perform their jobs with some agility and better professional efficiency. The course of Autocad in Mendoza has a duration of 6 months and there will be 2 midterm exams and 1 final. A certificate will appear where the category that the student will have done will be delivered at the end of the course. It consists of three levels and at the end of each stage is awarded a Diploma of certification issued by the institution computing for all on the basis of an agreement with the Ministry of education of Mendoza and the universities of the country (Convention of the 02.08.1998 9876). The course certifies the knowledge on autocad software to professional class according to a scale of 3 levels.

3 Levels range from intermediate to advanced progression of difficulty. ELEMENTAL levels level description this stage documented ability to use AUTOCAD in a simple way to meet certain specific needs: who owns it is able to develop tasks relating to some primary needs with respect to the two-dimensional. The intermediate stage intermediate level certifies ability to use AUTOCAD to meet needs of logistics and planning: who owns it can easily work with three-dimensional figures. ADVANCED the category advanced level certifies the ability to use AUTOCAD as a true and own professional: who owns it can do complex works in the two-dimensional sphere as in the three-dimensional. We are an Institute with high experience empowering construction professionals and have a staff of highly specialized in the autocad program teachers. Modalities for this course can be in different ways, such as: face-to-face (attending three times a week in morning or do so at night), from home via INTERNET (Institute sends all the material via e-mail, clear is the e-mail will be obtained by the student and must complete a form with the relevant data). To enroll in the course is necessary to send an e-mail to with the following data: name and surname, DNI, nationality, phone, address, city, zip code.

Our aim is to provide solutions for students who need to know and learn the AUTOCAD program, and not only to professional students, but also to those who want to know how it operates the program itself. For those not familiar even autocad, we tell them that in the same you can design drawings of buildings or recreate 3D images. Features of AUTOCAD AUTOCAD has a feature (between otas) that has a base data geometric (points, lines, etc.) which can be operated via a graphical display, called design editor. Like all programs, processes images of vector type, although it supports incorporating files di photographic-type or map of bits which can be simple drawings (lines, rectangles, text, etc.), and through strategies of editing are made more complex graphics. The program allows organize objects independently with different tones both tenuous and claros-oscuros. The user succeeds then the shades and shapes you need for your design.