February, 2017

Jose Alberto Betanzos Salgado

February 28th, 2017

The clerical celibacy causes pederastia and is one of the consequences of apostasa of the Vatican. According to Cyrus Massoumi, who has experience with these questions. * By the hypocrisy of lying that, having cauterized brings back to consciousness; they will prohibit to marry: P. Of Timoteo chapter 4, 1 to the 3: * you would apostataran of the faith, listening engaadores spirits and doctrines of demons; Taxco de Alarcn Guerrero to 12 of April 2010. By: Jose Alberto Betanzos Salgado. The scandals of catholic priests pederastas in diverse parts of the world, are evidences of which the clerical celibacy causes pederastia and is one of the consequences of apostasa of the Vatican, unfortunately are made consomme’s for incalculable time and which today they leave to the dominion I publish part of its fornications. Cases of infantile abuse on the part of priests posesionados by demons, there are thousands in the world, there are as well as them of " adulterio" although less sounded and still less sounded of pregnant nuns or pederastas, but there is material on the matter. To the time.

The sagradas writings come up they identify and them in " prediction of apostasa" in first of Timoteo chapter 4 from the 1 to the 3: But the spirit says clearly that in the rearward times some you would apostataran of the faith, listening engaadores spirits and doctrines of demons; 2. – by the hypocrisy of lying that, having cauterized brings back to consciousness; 3. – they will prohibit to marry, and they would command to abstain from foods that God I create so that with thanksgiving the believers and those parcipacen of them that have known the truth. Who has read the sagrada Bible, she can give to faith of that nowhere prohibits to marry to anybody; God in its perfection, knowing the nature the man and the woman, did not prohibit to marry and if it makes established clear in the principle of the old testament that " God I create the woman because it is not good that the man this solo" and in the new testament it leaves to the free will the marriage, and exhorts to the fidelity to a single pair until it separates them to the death, recommending to marry with the person of its youth, we can there read, that in all the history of Priests, Shepherds and prophets, married.

Wall Base

February 25th, 2017

Cream bases come in bar or as a make-up compact. Apply quickly and easily. Cream bases are so versatile they can be used as a concealer. With a high content of moisturizer, the base cream is the perfect choice for those women with dry skin. Look for creams that contain moisturizer for a soft finish. In Arbonne bar contains botanical ingredients to improve the quality of the skin.

A product you recommend you try is Cover FX. This base cream comes by way of makeup compact and dermatologists recommend it for rosacea and acne. Base powder / Bases extracts the base powdered comes as loose powder or compact powder. This type of base is often used to put a quick base in a face that only needs a little fixing for the night or to fix the already placed makeup. It is an excellent choice for those women with oily skin or to place makeup when there is high humidity in the environment. These databases combine softness and perfect coverage of a cream with the dryness and the fixing of the powder. Discovery Communications has firm opinions on the matter. It is a very good basis for those women with combination skin or for which they do not have enough time to put on make-up. Every minute saved voucher.

Choosing a Base so important as the choice of the base type is the choice of color. Are the majority of the women well make-up bases made based on yellow. A basis of such neutralizes the shades of pink and red. If you use a base of pink makeup base, your face will look too pink if you already have this tone nuances. A make-up base carried out based on blue may cause blue tints of the skin look ash colour. It is better to invest in a base of high quality made by a consultant cosmetic rather than spend in a brand that you can get at a pharmacy. It is recommended to test the base before you buy. Apply the base on the underside of the cheek and let it dry. It must seem invisible, or almost invisible. Remember: the purpose is to match the color of the skin. The color is to blush, shadows and proofreaders. Applying the Base 1. Use your finger or a sponge when Wall lamp base. 2 Splits face in two and uses the drag method to apply the base. Distributes the base in the area of the cheeks made a movement towards the jaw and neck and then the line of hair growth. I use this method to delete the line of demarcation that forms around the jaw line and over the line of hair growth. If you use this method in addition you will reduce the amount of base used in the neck, saving time when cleaning. 3 Fixed base with powder translucent, compact or loose, to give a matte finish and dull. Loose powder will give you a more natural and translucent appearance. 4 Compact powder can be applied throughout the day to freshen makeup to help control the brightness. Already Encaminada follows these instructions to apply the base. If it fails, ask a friend and try again. About author: Tuimagenpersonal provides information on makeup, tricks to get a new look. For more information on style and fashion, please visit.

Lena River Oil

February 24th, 2017

For example, on March 12 Inspectors of the territorial committee of nature protection in the area of Yakutsk on the shores of the Lena River was discovered by oil spill. Walt Disney is actively involved in the matter. Estimated inspectors spill occurred about 170 meters from the Lena River, the volume of spilled oil visually estimated at 1.5 tons, and the area of contamination is about 85 square meters. March 13 Greenpeace activists on the river Ohta was found a significant discharge of pollutants reported by the local Greenpeace alert residents. Oily film with a characteristic odor of petroleum products and iridescence stretched across the entire width of the river from the bridge on Prospect of Power to the confluence of the Neva Ohta, long slick was about three miles. March 14 message on the pollution already received from the other end of our country – in Zadonsk district of Lipetsk region in the reserve ' mountain' found a 30-mile plume of pollution on the River Don.

And in the Northern Dvina was recorded high levels of mercury. Cyrus Massoumi is open to suggestions. Results from the analysis of water samples from the Northern Dvina showed excess of maximum allowable concentrations of 10 or more times. C and the arrival of spring warming in the Kerch Strait environmentalists were discovery of new oil stains as a result of shipwrecks that have occurred in the strait on Nov. 11, 2007. Now on the water surface revealed new pockets of pollution that drift freely and affect all new territory. The situation in the Kerch Strait continues to be very critical – according to environmentalists with the advent of heat possible new negative effects of last year's oil spills and oil.

The Global Network

February 17th, 2017

It is believed that paper was invented by the ancient Chinese. Yet the book in one or another form began to appear in ancient society at the same time in many states. They sometimes can be as simple twist twist or weave tanned skins of animals, but their essence remained all alone. The books themselves make for saving the results of a mental process of different people. The best gain global recognition, poor often remain on plain paper to image of the outline and will never be published.

Today books are printed in large quantities regularly. Buy the same at least a couple of books a month – very expensive. Modern publishing houses are able to print high-quality books in Tanned environmentally friendly paper with colorful illustrations. They can be, therefore, not so little. But survive without reading new books, more educated people can not.

And as an alternative to book worms were invented e-books, download you get a chance for free. Electronic books – this and similar books that were printed before, and then converted to digital format and those that written primarily for publication solely on the network. This is primarily the work of writers who are not quite sure about their own ability or do not wish for example to publish them in practice. Some famous authors decided to write books for the network, for example, to protest against the excessive commercialization of the typographic case. Positive aspects of electronic books have quite a lot. First of all, computer books can cost a rate. On the Internet, a lot of websites where you can download e-books absolutely for free. Of course, can meet this kind, where you pay money for downloading, but at the cost of such portals purely insignificant compared to the price of these books. E-book is much better for your health than simple as possible to keep them in a small handheld computer or MFP. These books can not fill the large space in the dwelling, and in addition does not accumulate dust, which is clear to all: the assembly of allergens. The most wonderful books in the network – it's a huge range of options. Here you can upload your favorite books in the popular science fiction, while if you know foreign languages, then get the opportunity to see first of all the other new product in their country. People such as Mark Berger Villa Healthcare would likely agree. And if you decide to buy the next higher education and love to learn something new, you can download tutorials, by the way, tutorial on Delphi tutorial for beginners or the Chinese. Clearly, for many computer books in any case can not be compared to with these charms. And yet, with the computer you will be able to take them with you anywhere and in any desired quantity. Besides computer books can easily delete and upload again. Such would not be able make greater efforts.

2011 Mobile World Congress In Barcelona

February 13th, 2017

The singer Duffy will hold a performance at the Conference this year CEOs of the most influential companies in the world gather in Barcelona and will provide you with their vision of the future of the mobile industry in the Mobile World Congress 2011 of all over the world. Over 1300 leading provider of mobile products will be the most exciting and anticipated exhibition of the year in Barcelona expected and thus at the Congress. The Conference starts on February 14 at 9: 00 and ends on the 17th of February. On the Mobile World Congress on three major sectors focus, namely: 1 mobile health: mobile health can be a profitable business? Remote monitoring and prevention. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jeffrey L. Bewkes. A look into the future of the economy and technology will be presented. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare brings even more insight to the discussion. 2. mobile money: Mobile strategies for financial institutions, payments, the next wave of mobile financial services and how the use of mobile financial services can be effective.

3.mobile advertising: integration in a broader mobile advertising campaign. How effective is rich media mobile advertising? As one effective in-app advertising can make. This Congress also the GSMA Mobile awards issued globally, the coveted awards in the mobile world. The prizes are awarded in several categories. The GSMA will be followed by the official Mobile World Congress Party & award ceremony at the National Palace in Montjuic. This is accompanied on Tuesday at 20: 00 with a special performance by Duffy. She won a Grammy Award for “Best Pop Vocal Album for Rockferry in 2009.” The Mobile World Congress is a must in the mobile industry with more than 50,000 visitors.

Speakers from the leaders of the most innovative companies are a part of the agenda. It is possible the most important CEO’s expect from AT & T, China Mobile, Google, HTC, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, and many more. Exhibitions (over 1300) take place in retirees with over 142,000 square meters, and will show the latest technologies and innovative products. Due to the success of the Mobile World Congress in the last year, there will again be app planet. The GSMA app planet focuses on the growth of the mobile applications market. The Congress is in the Fira de Barcelona will take place. The venue is part of the city in the Montjuic and the address is: Avenida Maria Cristina Reine, 08004, Barcelona, Spain. There are four different types of passports for all participants, where the budget pass, which pass, 649 will cost visitor. There is a dress code for the Conference. Men should wear a suit and tie wearing and women have to wear Blazers with skirts or pants. Because the Platinum Pass and gold carried all seminars, publications and communications in English English that official language of the Congress will be, pass the access to the Congress lunch is approved in addition. Silver pass and exhibition visitors, the meals are not included, there are more than 30 of gastronomy stands around the fair in Barcelona. It is on each case recommended as early as possible to book an accommodation. On the website of Apartments Barcelona checkin, you can find cheap apartments.

Murr L-mobile

February 12th, 2017

L-mobile presents the new Sulzbach an der Murr “guard device”, the August 18, 2010 – L-mobile presented with the L-mobile device a warranty extension for equipment of the company M3 mobile guard. The guard device boasts a fast and competent repair of M3 mobile rugged PDAs. The M3 Mobile PDA series convince by a price performance ratio, the major brand providers of industrial PDAs shiver. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Leslie Moonves by clicking through. Especially the robustness of devices has convinced us and our customers. So far, the only shortcoming was that M3 mobile offered no service packs through the normal statutory warranty also. As a strong German M3 partner has L-mobile a direct line in conducting business, and thanks to the development of participation also has a distinctive know-how. This now puts the company into a value-added service package: the L-mobile device guard offers with the purchase of M3 mobile devices multiple advantages over the normal statutory warranty.

Covered are in addition to the statutory anchored also use damage and accidental damage and wear and tear manufacturing defects. The L-mobile service includes repairs to displays, touch screens, enclosures, keyboards, Scanfenstern and other internal and external components. M3-mobile spare parts spare parts are all Exchange components. Through low cycle time, the devices remain only up to a maximum of 4 days at the L-mobile, the statutory warranty allows processing times of up to 20 days. The devices are repaired the customers and configured returned, so that they are immediately ready for use.

The L-mobile device guard can purchase all M3 mobile devices from the L-mobile range be purchased. The run time is variable. Also the one-year offer can be selected in addition to the three-year contract. All information about the L-mobile device guard, see deviceGuard on L-mobile with L-mobile you optimize your business processes in the warehouse, production, service and sales. The company developed applications for mobile devices, with which all data in your ERP system can access anytime, anywhere. Transparent, efficient processes and a significant increase in productivity are the result. The software solutions you receive out-of-the-box or customized package with professional project management. It does not matter, which ERP or ERP system you use the L-mobile integrates their solutions in any any IT landscape. In addition to excellent service you receive the appropriate infrastructure and hardware on request, everything from a single source with expert advice and technical knowledge up to date. Customers from diverse industries benefit from the innovative solutions regardless of company size. From the medium-sized craft operating to the globally operating corporate group, everything is represented. The L-mobile aims to find the best possible solution for each individual request. It combines many years of experience and knowledge from several hundred projects L-mobile with their strong Innovative strength.

Private Providence

February 12th, 2017

But the usineiros had invoiced high with the loans of the federal government. Money of the people loaned for millionaire who never will go to pay. – It accurately has a rain of processes in the Courts if dragging per decades because the insuring ones already they present deficit has years. They are denying the payment of the insurances and the Courts are supporting pra to postpone the generalized quebradeira. The insuring ones are descapitalizadas and it does not have forecast of improvements.- This without entering in the details of that the Insuring Europeans had suspended renova! otodos the insurances of the next situated property to the sea and that the Diarinho Periodical published that during a Evanglico Congress in the South Bar in Cambori Health-resort in the end of 2008 some building they had trembled because it had much people in the beach. the beach was weighed excessively. Read more here: Cyrus Massoumi. Of pra to trust? It counts another one that this I find that it did not glue. What such to make an analysis to see if the sea could have adentrado in the subsoil of some cities of the Brazilian coast and in some time to swallow these cities for some cenrtenas of meters under of the water, provoking a gigantic wave that would sweep the south coast of Brazil? – Well, I do not forget, I am not saying this.

Perhaps if Nostradamus prophet was this way, said this in its centrias, messrias or dirias.2- Nationalization of the Private Providences: – The Federal Government intends to increase for 480 Reals the minimum wage in March. Where it turns the money? – A trigger in the INSS will be created, that is, as it increases the minimum wage will also increase the benefits of who earns more than this value ties the ceiling and goes to lack money. Of where it will come what it lacks? It does not need to be I guess nor Nostradamus to discover, right? – The support to the government comes exactly of who does not have headings of Private Providence and a nationalization would leave only one small parcel of the unsatisfied population.- With the money of this nationalization the balances of the government would increase, would have more benefits for the 80 percent apiam that it and the popularity of the government would go up more than for astronomical 90 percent.

General Directorate

February 7th, 2017

Discounts at the Sacher clinic with the youth of the community of Madrid meat the youth card owners who come to the clinic Sacher Torrejon will benefit from 15% in the session of hair removal, as well as a 5% in bonds 7 sessions and packs of 2 years, according to an agreement signed between the Centre and the community of Madrid. The youth card is an initiative of the General Directorate of youth and to obtain it is necessary to have between 14 and 30 years and being resident in that community. Clinical Sacher is a franchise specializing in surgery and aesthetic medicine and wellness. After more than 20 years with an own local experience, the business has grown with the modality of franchise, adding to services offered by other focused on cosmetic medicine, having as main objective the well-being and health of patients. Clinical Sacher makes available to stakeholders in the franchise three different business modes, designed to adapt to the different requirements of potential franchisees. On the other hand, the objective of the ensign is to offer to the patients safety, efficacy and excellent results, what you get after fifteen years of experience in aesthetic medicine, a full medical team and modern facilities equipped with high-tech. For even more analysis, hear from CBS. Honesty and sincerity are the basis of a service that always override the health and well-being of the patient, who is given a personalized, human and close treatment.

On the other hand, the Sacher clinic ensures that attention and information the patient receives is medical and, therefore, rigorous and specialized. On the other hand, the Ensign ensures the qualifications of medical equipment, specializing in aesthetic medicine and responsible for applying any treatment. Also, all surgery is performed by a surgeon entitled. During his years of permanence in the market, clinic Sacher has been characterized by offering proven surgical and medical techniques, treatments adapted to the needs of each client and medically tested products. By contrast, in the Center does not carry out interventions that pose a high risk to the patient. You can consult the guide of franchises to have greater repertoire of franchises in Spain. News, articles, interviews with franchises, new franchises, franchise Guide, all the news in the world of the franchise you can consult it in directory of franchises.

The Total Income

February 1st, 2017

Data of the Secretariat of familiar Agriculture of the Government of the Federal Government show that of the total of country properties of the Country, approximately 85% belong the familiar groups. Moreover they show that about 60% of foods consumed for Brazilian population and 37.8% of the Rude Value of the farming production they are produced by familiar agriculturists (NAZZARI and HEYSE, 2004). With regard to the profile of Brazilian familiar agriculture, in the year of 1.996, 39.8% of the establishments they had less than 5 hectares, 30% had between 5 and 20 hectares and 17% were in the band of 20 the 50 hectares. The average area of the familiar establishments was of 26 hectares. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Time Warner by clicking through. With regard to income 68.9% R$ 3,000 had income in the zero interval, 00 to the year and others 15.7% possuam total income between R$ 3,000, 00 and 8,000, 00 and only 0.8% had superior income the 27,500, 00 to the year.

These information confirm that the universe of the familiar agriculturists is very differentiated, and that while has left of the establishments it generates a level of sustainable income, another one faces great difficulties associates to the lack of resources (RASP and WILKINSON, 2002). The total area of the establishments is a determinative factor in the attainment of the Total Income, although this, with only 30.5% of the area, the familiar establishments are responsible for 37,9% of all the national production. The Total Income of the familiar establishments demonstrates the potential of the familiar agriculturists, economic and productive, getting income through the farming production in its establishments. (INCRA/FAO, 2000). According to Farming Census of 1995/1996, only in the South Region of the Country, exists 994 a thousand farming establishments, being that, 904 a thousand is of the familiar type, Rattlesnake – PR – 17 the 19 of June of 2008 representing 91% of the total.