Month: September 2018

German App

New iPhone app, which features such as navigation, traffic forecast, gas stations and shop search connects Braunschweig, August 7, 2012. Volkswagen Leasing GmbH offers their new app AutoKarte for iPhone in the app store as of today. The new tool combines different functions such as navigation, up-to-date traffic information, traffic forecasts, gas stations – and…

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Powerful Words

The words that we used have a deep effect on our self-esteem, as well as to give or to clear value to which we do. *NUESTRO LANGUAGE FORM OUR LIFE AND ENCHANTS OUR PENSAMIENTO* Albert Einstein STEP 1: THE LANGUAGE CREATES REALITY Example: He is not the same to say: 1. I will try to…

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Isis Books

(2) As a deity, forming part of the main gods in the Egyptian Pantheon as the Greek Latin. (3) As an interior grade of knowledge and spiritual development can be reached by those properly prepared. It would be something similar to Buddha, Word which refers to a historical figure, both at an internal level. (4)…

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