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March 2019 – The Asian Economist

Month: March 2019

Teach One

With the end of the socialist utopia the education of history entered in crisis, good part of its professors was sympathetical of the Russian communism. History, including its research lost identity, the positivismo that invigorated in the country during the military period entered in decline in years 90 and even so the socialism has gained…

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River Wood

The River Paraba, that divided the Mining Triangle with the Mato Grosso of the South and the north, and the others two rivers of the Mato Grosso of the South. in the regions of chapado of South-TM, and Chapado of Sky, there in the national Park of the Emas, closed reserve of of approximately four…

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Provincial Interests

These concepts not yet well were defined at the time, being difficult to separate some provincial interests of imperial interests, being thus, the nation many times were confused with the liberal ideology, as well as with the maintenance of local rulers, being necessary the end of the conflict so that if it could to come…

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Adornment Ethics

Kierkegaard (apud VALLS, 2006, P. 61) speaks that ' ' the anguish is the psychological consequence of the conscience of liberdade' '. Therefore that the gift must be understood as the instant of the decision, passed synthesis of and of future. Being the man one to be natural, to be free necessary to consult the…

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The Nordestino

The author followed memories of famous men and folloied lives of men without fame. Of a side, stacks of images and texts defining which are the good uses and customs of a north-eastern man; of another side, all those apanhados in instants of ' ' bad costumes' ' , sides that if change, if cross,…

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