Month: June 2019

Rio De Janeiro

This occurred because these transformations had been consequence of the occured changes on account of the French Revolution (1789-1799), making with that it had each time deeper social and economic transformations. (SEIGEL, 1992) For this reason, it is that Siegel (1992) affirms that the bohemian became a phenomenon that defined the modern time, a time…

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Frenchmen Lucien Febvre

The interminable fights of Davi and Golias: Problematizaes concerning Thought Only of Immediate History. Fabiane Rossi Date (Graduated History? Visual UNIOESTE and Arts? UNIPAN. Specialist in Art-Education). Fernanda Lorandi Lorenzetti (Graduated History? UNIOESTE and Master in History? UFGD). Mandotti Luiza (Graduated History? UNIOESTE). The reflections around the history of the present time appear from new…

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