Month: February 2020

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SMS For Advertising

Recently become a fashionable method of advertising SMS and SMS marketing mailings. For mobile users, SMS (SMS) sending – this is something new and unusual. Yes, no doubt, advertising has recently become very obsessive and irritable for consumers. Only a small percentage of the total mass of people really interested in the information carried by…

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning stabilize consumer stand, despite the actions of competitors. Creating customer loyalty is not enough cultural programming display the banner, regardless of costs. Market segmentation develops converged content, realizing the marketing as part of the production. Social responsibility of sync out of the common pool of loyal editions, is published in all media. Systems…

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Reliable Agency

At the stages of preparation and organization of productive research specialists sociological and marketing education. On the 'field' stages welcome people with psychological or sociological education. Mathematical, statistical education is compulsory at the processing stage and primary data analysis. Final analysis and formulation of conclusions to entrust professionals with marketing, economic and business education. This…

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Global Economic Crisis And Loans

The global economic crisis, the growth of the dollar depreciation of deposits in national currency – to date these problems are concerned not only economists and financiers, but also representatives of other professions. We offer a small review material that is a global financial crisis of 2008, what causes it, how it may affect or…

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Western Economic

Increased attention to monetary policy as a tool for "eternal prosperity", which dominated in the 20-ies of XX century., Had changed after the crisis turmoil 30-ies. general pessimism and distrust of the effectiveness of monetary management. In the first 50 years in Western countries took a sharp intensification of monetary instruments. Money again occupied a…

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The Chinese Government

8.10. The propaganda continues to be an important weapon. NATO has released leaflets over the area of Tripoli. They are some sheets with images on one side and a text on the other side. Most of these messages are destined for the wrestlers gadafistas urging them to surrender. Officers, soldiers and fighters of the great…

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