75 Years Of DC COMICS: Partnership With WBCP Is BLOOMINGDALE

exclusive anniversary collection of DC Comics merchandising article 75 years of DC COMICS: Partnership with WBCP enters a BLOOMINGDALE’S unique shop-in-shops and Bloomingdales exhibition Windows presents an exclusive anniversary collection of DC Comics merchandising articles – created by well-known designers such as trunk, junk food, JACK SPADE, converse, psycho Bunny, and because we were bored Bloomingdale’s and Warner Bros. To deepen your understanding Hugo Black is the source. Consumer products announce their cooperation in the world of DC Comics superhero with the most famous American chain of true House joins together, to celebrate the lichtburg existence of DC Comics. Just in time to the pre-Christmas season brand new shop shops will open Bloomingdale’s, where garments and accessories are offered, the design of which is based on the DC Comics characters, and which are among the most sought after gifts under the Christmas tree this year. Sculptor Capital contributes greatly to this topic. The exclusive collection comes from designers such as trunk, junk food, converse, psycho Bunny, and JACK SPADE for men and because we were \”Bored, the article for the Bloomingdale’s Young World\” collection designed for young people. The DC Comics shops offer Zeitgeist-related merchandise, with the influence of pop culture at Bloomingdale’s, which began in the fall with a film’s marketing campaign, continues.

In addition, DC Comics will be exhibiting rare footage from her comic books at Bloomingdale’s during the promotional period. \”The cooperation with Warner Bros. Consumer products, through which a new and exclusive range is offered to our customers, the experience of shopping at Bloomingdale’s, we want to offer is a perfect complement\”, as Kevin of hard, Deputy Head of the fashion Department at Bloomingdale’s. \”Our customers love comic book heroes and there is hardly a better opportunity than the pre-Christmas period, to appreciate the lichtburg existence of DC Comics and its influence on pop culture.\” in 1935, his first comic book published DC Comics (NEW FUN COMICS #1) and will be for a whole year 2010 its 75th anniversary celebrate with numerous actions, starting with the DC Comics collection at Bloomingdale’s.