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Abu Bakr

He saw everything by order of God, and with your permission. The Muslim can not doubt a moment in all that, because I would be questioning God himself, or he would be doubting the veracity of his Prophet. For this reason, Abu Bakr, may God be pleased with him, upon learning of the night journey and the ascension of the Prophet to the heavens, firmly believed and said: I believe in all that, because I believe in Muhammad, created what says that it receives from heaven, how well do not you believe him in something so simple Abu Bakr, thanks to his deep faith, saw that what was not so complicated thing, because it was subject to the relationship that has Allaah with his messengers and in this case with Muhammad, peace be upon him. Once chosen one sent from God, the relationship that has that shipped with the Lord of the worlds isn’t human analysis. This relationship is not subject to approval by yours or mine. It is not a matter that concerns us, as mere mortals.

Is not to tell us: what do you think? It is to believe in this and nothing more. It resembles our belief in the Qur’an, in their Surahs and aayahs. For all that, Abu Bakr, you or I believe in it without any questioning. We believe that the Prophet Muhammad traveled, ascended to the heavens, spoke with the prophets, received the order of the five daily prayers and many other things of God. We believe that all this happened in a part of the night and that a time Turning to his deathbed, the Prophet found him still hot. We believe in all this not as dogmas of faith, but because we believe in God and his Prophet.