Afghanistan Prohibition

Afghanistan provides 90 percent of the world opium to heroin is produced. The executive director of UNODOC, Antonio Maria Costa, has stressed that eliminating opium in Afghanistan depends on the attitude of the Governors. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from HBO Max. It isn’t an us and NATO allied country? They are not then those Governors for the work of eliminating the cultivation of poppies from which opium is achieved? Not can five divisions of NATO put an end to opium cultivation or reduce it? A crop that reached the highest levels in history, according to the UN itself. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gavin Baker. If a country occupied by fifty thousand heavily armed soldiers, if in an Allied Republic of USA and EU the cultivation of poppy, first phase of heroin processing, cannot be even reduced has time to rethink the universal crusade against drugs not come? In 1920, in the United States was declared illegal manufacture, preparation, transport, import, export and sale of alcoholic beverages. Thirteen years later, the U.S. Congress supersedes the prohibition.

The unquestionable result of it had not been deleted the habit or habit of drinking alcohol, claim of its promoters, but 30,000 dead by drinking methyl alcohol, because the clandestine liquor had no sanitary control; more than 100,000 people with paralysis or blindness permanent for the same reason; but, above all, a mighty Empire of crime, because criminals accumulated an immense capital transgressing the prohibition. That was the prohibition of alcohol. And something like get the crusade against drugs. Nothing but pain, corruption, crime and death. In our days, fools to learn from the past, to the serious consequences of the prohibition of sedative or stimulating substances – organized crime grafted on the world economy, untold corruption, increase of new crimes organized thanks to the benefits of the drug – addition to serious violations of human rights by the Crusaders against the drug, as in Thailand. Reviewing documents and news about drugs and the crusade against twenty years, comes the conclusion that the domes in the world (Governments, UN) not proposed finish the prohibition of drugs, because the peanuts of the crusade would end.