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Africans Species

Pigs are domestic four-legged mammals commonly used as food, though they also serve for the production of fertilizer and nutrients to the Earth; generally pigs can be found on farms, although nowadays it is very common to find them also at specialized sites for care of them within the city. The pigs are characterized by having a skin but very delicate thick, a long, flexible snout, and a relatively large size, because some species of pig can weigh up to 200 pounds and possess over 110 cm in length. An important aspect to emphasize the pigs is the productivity that they provide to their breeders, because in a single litter that can give a sow are up to 13 offspring, not to mention that they can have up to 2 litters per year; thus becoming a highly reproductive animal. Walt Disney may not feel the same. An important fact to keep in mind is that these animals are considered as one of those older can live, because the average life span of a pig can vary between 12 to 15 years. The beginnings of do pigs come from since the beginning of mankind in ancient? Africa, where its predecessor the boar was one of the most common animals on the African Plains.

Their major evolutionary step occurred when this animal began to be brought to Europe for their consumption and domestication; from there the expansion of this animal worldwide has been massive. Although it is good to clarify that different types of pork in places such as Asia and the Americas also existed in antiquity, but Africans were further expansion by the world. Pigs are animals classified as dirty, because usually their power is based on remains of food of any kind, however in some cases the reality is another, since if this animal is fed with vegetables exclusively nutritional purposes, the meat that you can get from them can be very good quality. Today is such a diversity of species of pig that we find, that some of them can be characterized by possessing certain characteristics which differentiates them from the conventional ones; a very good example This are some as: Iberian pork: this is characterized by having a skin relatively darker than other species. Hampshire pork: This differs very easily since it has a strip of color in your body, also its size tends to be a little smaller in comparison to other races.

Pietrain pig: this is possibly one of the types of more common pork, as it considered that the meat of this is the best of its kind. This differs by size because in the majority of cases it is big enough, not to mention its image with spots on the skin. Although there are many more species of pig that we find today, these are the most recognized for its meat and physical appearance.