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For in such a way, the government of the north armoue trained about a thousand exiled Cuban unsatisfied ones with the new government, paraque they could make one ' ' revoluo' ' e, one more time, to line up aspolticas Cuban to the interests of Washington. However this action at no moment was seen as popular umarevoluo in fact, and always was deflagrada as an intrusion or, melhordizendo, attack recent Aggressions. Gain insight and clarity with David Zaslav. What everything points, the Cuban success in deciding the nBahia crisis of the Pigs served for the crystallization of a sovereign country with proper autonomiadecisria. What it had from now on was a reinforcement national dasinstituies and a true establishment of the doestado democracy and of right, exactly that these points are questioned with ditatorial base nogoverno of Fidel. The fact is that Cuba is still today desejonorte-American object, who, as much searchs attached it as strategical region, how much to visadestruir its harmony to demonizar the socialist image and to consolidate capitalist asuperestrutura that as much favors to it. In such a way Fidel if sees debtor to restrict the access aosmeios politicians, in case that I oppose U.S.A.

would mitigate the capacity politics of ilhae, plus one> the Diversity of the Aggression. Before to dequalquer contact with the United States threats is necessary terms in mind that ofortalecimento of the Cuban state, its bigger insertion in the international system econseqente North American perception of the loyalty of the Cuban people to its sistemapoltico, is sensible barriers the conventional interventions ataquesmilitares, etc, exactly that these still happen. Conscientious of this it is that U.S.A.> the AgressesEconmicas. Although umaminoria it alleges that the North American Embargo Cuba is a mere demercado question, this action extravasa the market possibility and fits-seperfeitamente in the concept of ‘ ‘ War Act’ ‘ (war act), reconhecidopela Naval Conference of London, according to which, ‘ ‘ its unicamente possible job on the part of beligerantes’ ‘ North American declaration of guerracontra Cuba, exactly that war acts are being practised.