Amarok Launches Innovative Email Marketing Solution

Franchise in Turkey has officially opened a new email and mobile marketing Amarok in Turkey with its own Office Amarok, one of the leading hosted E-marketing software, as well. Amarok has sealed the partnership with Turk ice ISection recently to offer a very competitive email and mobile marketing service Asia minor as well as Turkey. ISection, managed by the manager Lisa Kamau, a 15-year-old Web services and software development company, providing solutions to companies of virtually any size. Lisa Kamble: “our goal is to offer a complete range of email and mobile marketing services in Turkey and our multinational customers. Our goal at ISection is to be market leader in permission-based marketing along with a first-class partner such as Amarok. We have full confidence in our Turkish Amarok team and we will in the course of time expand the feature set and continually improve the application.” “GraphicMails solution is ideal for us, Since it very easy and flexible, is yet refined enough to meet standards of advanced user. Amarok offers more than 300 free newsletter templates that are suitable for every industry and every type of business,”Lisa summarizes.

From a market position-related perspective, Lisa GraphicMails strengths it sees that the company provides a relationship-based service which can be tailored to local business practices. The most important thing for a company is to grow in Turkey to build strong relationships with market stakeholders and be international. Personal relationships are often very critical, if you bring an offer for a new contract, even if offered a better product at a lower price. The key to success in the Turkish market is to develop a broad and deeply rooted business network with individuals who act as decision makers in their companies.” The Turkish communications market is characterized by a wide widespread hunger for and rapid adoption of new technologies. In the study “analysis of Turkish mobile communication market”, for example, Istanbul Bilgi University was carried out by who, applicants in Turkey about 61.8 million in the years 2010 and 2011, when a population penetration rate of 85.1%, the number of mobile amounted. Under the 61.8 million mobile, 19.4 million 3 G applicant, representing 31% of the total market – compared to a 30% 3 G penetration rate in EU applicants are countries where this service already many years before it was available in Turkey, has been introduced. To get market acceptance, 31% in less than 2 years is a very strong indicator of interest and demand for electronic communication technologies in the Turkish population. The Turkish Eastern European and Asia minor market represents a challenge mentality and business practices because of differences in culture, that become everyday problems in a multi-continental nation could.

Amarok Turkey will turn these challenges into opportunities for growth and expand GraphicMails multilingual support and global presence as a whole. About Amarok Amarok is a self service email, mobile, and social media marketing provider that offers customized multi-channel solutions in online marketing from one source agencies and companies of any size to the needs. founded in 2001, Amarok has already many years of experience in the field of email marketing and can rely on a comprehensive know-how. With support centres in 20 countries and a software, which is available in 11 languages, Amarok uses worldwide over 40,000 satisfied customers. GraphicMails Web-based email marketing software is characterized by professional and user friendly design, shipping, and analysis tools. Over 300 design templates, user even without knowledge of HTML can make successful email campaigns.