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Be Yourself

This is not the first book compilation of articles he published or is likely to be the last. If I were, I would have died. The habit of writing, they know all who practice it, exercising it heals just as Oscar Wilde argued about the temptations that the only way to overcome is falling on them, as the exquisite English writer. As my old one is deprived because of too much, I think the only one not without hereinafter is to write what I please. It has not always been so, of course. At different times of life, one had to assume various labor, social, business, family, …

that have limited their freedom of expression. As a parent, or neighbor, or editor, or clerk … you have to be careful what you say. You have to weigh the words to avoid sensitivities of others, of course, but, above all, one should not gamble your future happy and irresponsibly, because then what happens happens. Therefore, now that I have little future and that if I left over is gone, I realize I’m going against the tide. That is, to tell me things that others are silent, to make others avoid reflections and thinking without being subject to fashion, groups, beliefs or factions. Such an attitude, I understand you, not to please anyone and is usually yes, however, arouse the ire of all. “It is not ours,” they say in their heart of hearts, and sometimes externally, and to demonize one without.