Benefits Green Tea

Tea is an infusion of the leaves and buds of the tea plant. On the one hand, the tea plant is a shrub. On the other hand, the tea as a beverage is the infusion prepared with crushed dried leaves or buds of the shrub. There are several types of tea: red, green, black, white all teas come from the same plant and what differentiates them from each other, is the process of elaboration. Teas, are generally very rich in antioxidants, help to delay cellular aging. And given the virtue of preventing cancer, prevent cell aging. This type of tea, in terms of the process of elaboration, green tea is that they left to dry the leaves and does not pass through any process of oxidation. It is antioxidant, anti-cancer, digestive.

It is very good to drink after meals a green tea for digestion. This type of tea is a diuretic, i.e. prevents fluid retention. Helps to decrease body fat, so in cases of obesity, is very good. Another of their functions, which regulates the blood levels, which is very good for diabetics. Also, lowers cholesterol and helps prevent diseases of heart and stroke, to reduce cholesterol. Green tea has a very high content of fluorides, and thus helps to prevent cavities.

Also with green tea, eliminates bad breath, has an antibiotic, antibacterial effect, protects the mouth against infections that produce inflammation in the gums and helps with sores in the mouth (carried rinses with well charged infusion or mixed infusion of tea and Sage). Green tea is stimulating, helps with the listless mood States. You don’t abuse too, since it can become too stimulating. It is true, it does not accelerate much as caffeine. It helps to prevent and reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Due to its high content of fluorides, it helps us to maintain strong bones. Green tea helps strengthen memory and helps prevent Parkinson’s disease. Also helps with liver diseases. It is vitamin C help prevent colds and colds. Green tea also mitigas allergies due to the EGCG. If you have allergies, it is very good to take it. It reduces the severity of asthma. It helps with the ear infection. Soak a pad in tea and clean the ear. It also helps with the herpes. It is very good for the bags under the eyes, apply over them, an infusion of cold green tea.