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Biblical Environment

An alive relation, good and dynamic of faith, where the nature leads the God and is same expression of its largeness and power. This good relation with the environment comes from the relation with Creative God. The attitude of the man front to the environment must be of government, according to Biblical agreement. Because the man must govern justice and sanctity according to, never if separating of God as referencial. The man always in relation with the environment, and that he serves also of cause instrumental for perfectioning of same, when is epicenter of the nature surrounds that it, as to be more excellent of the creation. The author concludes that she is necessary really of a reform, that breaks of the Evangelho and pass for the mind, thus, arriving at a series of practical actions to the light of these two principles. The subject: ' ' order social' ' it had for expositor Valbrio Bruno (04/11/2009) ' ' The social order is a sacred right that serves of foundation to all outros' ' , thus its presentation opened the cited expositor.

Which says that this right, however, it does not come of the nature; it is, therefore, based on conventions. Of this, if it has some thinkers whom they had reflected on ' ' Order social' '. Let us see some. For Marx, it is the relations of production or the economic structure that are the base of a social order. However, for Durkheim, it is a set of shared social norms.

But already in the perception of Parsons, it is a set of social institutions determining the moral behavior. In the social order if it needs a government. To govern, says Toms saint, is to take the things its end, or to carry through an order. Not if it can to govern without being capable to impose obedience, that is without authority and power.