Bio-Chrono Cosmetics

Innovative cosmeceutical series 'Bio-Chrono' contains the active ingredient-hronobiotiki that take into account the individual characteristics of each person and able to harmonize the biorhythms of the skin. Edmund V. Ludwig addresses the importance of the matter here. Active Components-hronobiotiki. Hronodin (from the unicellular alga Euglena) – a kind of doping energy for the cell. It activates cell metabolism, tones and firms the skin, activates the processes of regeneration. Clinically proven: 1 month firmness increases by 3 times, the tone is increased by 4 times. Imudilin – operates at the cellular level is similar to sunlight – generate a special signal, which helps the cell more easily adapt to circadian rhythms. Clinically proven: Imudilin improves skin protective functions and resistance to environmental stress factors. How does the series? 'Smart' means 'Chrono-Bio' trainer skin cells.

Training consists in the fact that skin cells hronobiotiki learn to live in accordance with its own biorhythms, taking into account the individual characteristics of each. When applied to cosmetic products hronobiotiki give a signal that is recognized by cells of a regular kozhi.Pri a signal synchronized biological processes with changing environmental conditions and return them to their natural ritmu.Pitanie skin exclusive active ingredients are on the right biological schedule. Kosmetsevticheskuyu innovative series 'Bio-Chrono' in our catalog by right prtdstavlyaet Marina Lyubach, Honored Master of Sports, the first Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics. Marina Lyubach says: 'Oschuscheie time varies with age. Increasingly want to slow down the aging clock running and run them in reverse direction … A victory over time I managed to make today, and it is no less valuable to me than a gold medal Olympic Games: Since I started using the means the series' Bio-Chrono ', my skin is absolutely' no feels' time, her biological clock ticking like a steel back.