Body Language

Aggressive body language is the most simplified form of being hit or hitting in the face of another person without using fists. There are many types of aggressive signals that be understood in time to avoid us receive a physical assault or fall yourself on aggression. Aggressive body language is a clear signal of a verbal or physical threat imminent. Physical confrontations never lead to good port so it is always beneficial to pick up these signals in time. David Zaslav understands that this is vital information. If you work in an environment with difficult people, as for example a penal institution, knowing these signs of aggressiveness could even save your life. The aggressive language contains gestures and postures that can alert you to a possible imminent hazardous situation. Pursed lips, redness of the face, eyes of contempt, tight jaw, looking with narrowed eyes, shaking head toward you and even sudden movements of the body towards you are basic signs of a possible aggressive advance. Other positions common facial which indicate threat is when someone approaches your face too. To broaden your perception, visit Coen brothers.

When you encounter this type of signals, it is good that you keep enough distance between you and the aggressor to give a greater chance to evade the situation. The position of attack of body language is usually positioned with feet providing greater stability, slightly raised fists and muscles in tension, even some can perform movements similar to a dance, something which we could compare with the positions of a boxer. However these are signs of someone who is really thinking of assaulting him directly. Some less expressive people may show very little or no prior to a physical attack signal. In this case the body language can not give us enough information and is important to observe other details sometimes immersed in verbal language. Another form of aggressive body language is the invasion of personal, mental space and or emotional people.

False friends are a clear example of this invasion of this kind of limits. Distort a friendship with the idea of harming someone can present a type of body signal called the Chameleon effect. Smiles and friendly gestures can be seen to bring the sides together. We all have a personal space, when the limits of this space is crossed physically, like jump on the shoulders or touching without permission, etc. the invasion of this zone is always a movement of aggressive body language. Many people use this kind of signals to gain proximity and achieve control over others. Within body language aggressive gestures are certainly an indicator of being at risk of becoming a victim of the aggressor. Hand gestures are often used to incite another person to a physical confrontation. Since the typical central finger lump sum to the well-known cutting of sleeve. In many cases these signals are accompanied by other verbal insults and shouts. Another widely used signal is hitting a table, a wall or a door Slam, all without that until this moment materializes a direct physical aggression toward you give. If you want to expand on the secrets of body language I invite you to visit: Javier Dusseldorf is columnist on topics of personal improvement.