Brazil Economic System

Modernity cannibal In globalizado Brazil, the economic system prioritizes with success, among others things, a bigger collection of resources based on industrialization, exportation, instead of taking care of of corporate objects. The modern canibalismo is committed by the esfomeados ones that they eat for necessity parts of its fellow creatures and that, for the luxury, exclude its fellow creatures of the possibility of a civilized feeding. He is curious, the fact of that, cases as the canibalismo committed in the garbage of a hospital in the city of Olinda in Pernambuco in the end of century XX happen in a country as Brazil that is third in ranking of the food exporters of the world. Jeff Bewkes is likely to increase your knowledge. Human beings eating human beings are the product of a delay ' ' canibal' ' in an environment where if it attributes to more importance the wealth of ones, instead of curing the basic necessities of the hungry people and homeless whom the sidewalk with rats and sewers divides the open sky. Not only Brazil, but great part of the world is ' ' doente' ' whose ' ' sintomas' ' they are the lack of humanity with most devoid on the part of the governing, except in electoral period, the exploration of the poverty and the ignorance of less the most favored on the part of some politicians to gain votes or for badly intentioned people who usufruct of the easinesses to pay to bride sexually lesser, the lack of the shame and common-sense of that they vote the laws in proper benefit as the case of politicians entrepreneurs and finally ' ' crime' ' Brazilian against the national education, therefore is depressing to observe the sucateadas public schools with professors abandoned, badly paid and discouraged. Therefore, one notices that the modern canibalismo of the poor persons is the result of an addition of exculpatory factors caused by the excessiveness of the wealth of a minority..