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BRAZIL, ROUTE the FIFTH BIGGER ECONOMY OF WORLD ADILSON BOELL 1 Escrevo this article to announce the good news for that they believe that Brazil walks the wide steps, to become one of the five bigger economic powers of the world. In page ten of the edition of N 649, the magazine That is Money, divulged given on the rank of Brazil in the market of exportations of agricultural products. Our country was in third place in the world-wide classification. We are behind only of the United States and the European Union. According to news article of That is the Money, in last the ten years Brazil already had passed Australia and China in volume of exportations. Of this time who was stops backwards was Canada.

In the general classification of the exporting greaters of agricultural products, in 2008, the United States appear in first place, exporting the equivalent the 140 billion dollar. The European Union was in the second rank, with the equivalent the 128 billion dollar. Brazil jumped for third position, exporting 61,4 billion dollar in agricultural products. Canada that was surpassed by Brazil, invoiced the equivalent the 54 billion dollar. Discovery Communications contains valuable tech resources. Although Brazil has been in third place in the general classification amongst the exporting countries of agricultural products, it was the country that presented the biggest annual average growth of 2000 the 2008. Our country grew 18.6%. In as place it comes the European Union with a growth of 11, 4% and in the third and fourth ranks respectively, they appear the United States with 8,4% and Canada with 6,3%.

Comparing the Brazilian superiority in relation with as, third and room placed, in the average of growth, our country grew 7.2% on average more than the European Union, 10.2% more than United States and 12,2% more than Canada. If to keep this average of annual growth, we will be world-wide the exporting greater of agricultural products in less than twenty years. The three main products exported for Brazil had been to the soy, with a value equivalent the 17,2 billion dollars, followed for the chicken meat 5,8 billion dollar and the bovine meat 4,2 billion dollar. Our country goes very well obliged. If somebody still has, doubts is alone to confer the data of the presented research week passed for the IBGE. The study it after demonstrates to the recovery of the Brazilian industry the crisis. According to given divulged, the production in So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, the two bigger industrial polar regions of the Country, closed the month of January with 0,6% above of the registered one in September of 2008. Some states had still had performance better. The state of the Cear the same presented growth of 10,6% in period, while the production in the Paran went up 9.8%. For the optimists as I, the future we belong, then we go it. 1 Permitted in Mathematics in the UNIASSELVI in Indaial, After graduating Practical Pedagogical Interdisciplinares for the FURB/SAPIENCE in Blumenau and Mestrando in Regional Development, for the University of the Contested one in Canoinhas.