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British Businessman Sir Richard Branson

Such measures Brussels intends to introduce to the concerns that some countries, crimes such as pollution and illegal air emissions considered more serious crimes than others. In addition, the European Commission on Wednesday proposed in 2012 to introduce more stringent requirements for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in exhaust gases of all new cars produced in the European Union (EU). Over the next five years, exhaust emissions should be reduced from the current 160 grams per kilometer to 120 grams per kilometer. At the same time the European Commission would force all automakers to reduce the content carbon dioxide to 130 grams per kilometer, and reduce this figure by 10 grams per kilometer will help them use bio-fuel, new tires, saves fuel, and other new technologies. However, according to experts, the new environmental requirements will come into force only in 2008 – after the European Parliament approve these rules and the government of all 27 member states of the EU. Won global warming, become a millionaire …

British Businessman Sir Richard Branson, owner of a major airline Virgin, has announced a 5-year competition for the best way to combat global warming with a prize fund of $ 25 million. $ 5 million winner will receive immediately, but The remaining 20 million – only after successful completion of the program. Under the rules of the contest organizers, published in the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the winner of the project should be a plan to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at 1 billion tons per year over ten years. According to the Australian environmentalist Tim Flannery, also participating in the project, in the atmosphere since the industrial revolution had already accumulated 200 gigatons of carbon increasing its concentration to 100 million times. As the owner of the airline, Branson nonetheless rejected the suspicion that his proposal is really a 'window dressing'. 'I could now start a business from scratch (Guided by environmental regulations), but then British Airways just take my place "- said Branson, noting that he had previously invested heavily in cleaner engines and fuels..