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Today the design of the green areas of your House or apartment can not be neglected. Landscape design has become a necessity to achieve the harmony of the space in which you live or you get. If you have read about Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In these times in which the contact of man with nature becomes increasingly necessary, professional landscape design works in close union with the architect and the Builder of your housing recreating nature to achieve a pleasing atmosphere in keeping with your lifestyle. You should not matter how reduced is the space which you can use to plan your garden, patio or terrace. What will be will be in the form of immensity, everything basically depends on the proper selection of plant species that you include in the design and shape as combines the volume of their foliar masses, different textures and colors, within a design that maximize the potential of the area to be treated. You must have clear on first use you will do the garden to base your design on this premise, is say, if you’re going to celebrate holiday in your House and garden will be the place in which you will receive guests, the location of the plants shall be perimeter, leaving a considerable central space to accommodate visitors, using a soil resistant to frequent transit coverage and perhaps including lighted walkways and benches or seats for example. If on the other hand, you want a basically contemplative Garden because you have a terrace or other spaces for visitors, you can adapt the landscape design for achieving the more attractive and bucolic atmosphere with mirrors and water falls, by profusion in the combination of textures in lush exotic vegetation.

You transportaras to the times in which nature was barely tapped by the man. If you have only a window and a small courtyard space, you can achieve a great framework for the view that you appreciate from your home, or if the case is that not like at all what you see from your home, you can achieve a green screen that you separate deliciously of undesirable. Even if you don’t have more than a corner cleared in your apartment, you can fill out the atmosphere magically with the selection of a spectacular plant that adapts to the conditions of interiority and maintenance that you can provide. What really matters is not let as the last phase of remodeling or construction that make the decision of green space which you have because you must understand that this is not a complement to your home but an essential part of it, that of a landscape design that fits the requirements of your way of life planningIt depends on you achieve harmonic style that always wanted for your home.