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Economic Crisis

October 23rd, 2017

Olive oil company strengthens its position in the marketing the Mainzer Lakonikos Elia company hired its first employee in the area of marketing in May 2009 despite the economic crisis. The choice fell on Jorg winter farmer, a student of history and German studies. Winterbauer studied for a semester in Ioannina, an idyllic town in the North West of Greece. For even more analysis, hear from Aksia. There, he learned the Greek language and began to love the country and people, as well as the Greek way of life. Then he decided to stay another semester in Greece and to get an internship at the Greece, where he gained valuable experience in marketing and journalism newspaper in Athens. Through his love for Greece, and last but not least to the Greek cuisine with its healthy, tasty olive oil, it seemed, to apply after his return to Germany for the position with Lakonikos.

We did it our mission, to make known the olive tree as a symbol of peace and thousand-year old heritage. Therefore, it was important to hire someone, the deal with the product and identify the country of origin may, Joachim Trott, managing partner of Lakonikos, explained his choice. Winterbauer is now highly motivated to contribute its part to promote olive oil of Lakonikos Elia GmbH still says that he, because he is fully behind the product. I was really surprised how big is the difference to an olive oil of the discount stores, so winter farmer who just took part at the beginning of its activity in an olive oil tasting. The oil can taste so he know it only from Greece. The Lakonikos Elia GmbH arose from a friendship between the Mainz Economist Joachim Trott and the Greek olive oil farmers of Vasilis Thomopoulos. Thomopoulos Trott told his friend about the injustices (Panscherei, corruption) in the olive oil market. His vision was to get out of the existing market structures and the sale to the large corporations and instead to bring high-quality olive oil from his home on the market.

Through the joint creation of the Lakonikos Elia GmbH becomes a reality this vision piece by piece. Since summer 2008, you may refer Greek olive oil of first grade under in Germany, which is not affected by the practices of the big oil companies and comes in its original quality on the table. So that this good news is sure arrives at the customer, gain marketing caused Lakonikos. Jorg winter baby

Domestic Economy

October 22nd, 2017

In either cases that I finish mentioning, the domestic economy leaves losing, in the second case more than in first because something more is lost than money, but really these celebrations are a true sacking to the pocket. The question is how we can avoid all these damages to us? If it thinks it lightly to one it could reach two conclusions. One would be that there is no escape, simply cannot be avoided the cost of the celebrations. And the other conclusion could be not to celebrate Christmas. For even more analysis, hear from Leslie Moonves. They are two extremist conclusions, the best thing in these cases is to try to obtain a good balance, a balance where yes we spend something but not in excess.

We must pay attention as it puts a maximum top of expenses, and to never happen to us of that top. In order to determine the top it is necessary to verify how much we have in our savings, of these we will assign a part to expenses of Christmas, but never you use all savings in celebrations. Next I am going to give some ideas to help to obtain certain balance, of not losing the celebrations but without excessive expenses: Not to rent a dance hall, to use our house, or the one of some prepared relative, or we even can make an informal celebration in sands of a near beach by the tardecita, or a park that has barbecuers of public use. Contact information is here: Leslie Moonves. You do not buy fireworks, lately have a high price. In addition he is almost literally " quemar" money at a few moments. It is possible to be enjoyed perfectly seeing the sky, while other people ignite her fireworks. You do not buy postal, sends postal by Internet. Jim Vos is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It has to educate and to concientizar to our family on the necessity of a change of opinion about the celebrations, to stop accepting the Christmas celebrations like a time of extreme consumption.

Economic Crisis

October 21st, 2017

Use time to their own company “to clean up”! Crises create opportunities, understand a crisis as an opportunity! Economic crisis”. Now we read every day about it and many people ask themselves, when the global crisis affects also the own company. How do you get these ideas? Scary? Anxiety? Crippling? This can be but does not have! There are investigations of well-known consulting firms have shown that leaders in crisis situations rather risk taker behave. The same executives are more risk-averse in a promising situation with positive profit expectations, however, and pursuing the strategy of “do never chance a running system”. In the reverse case, one can conclude that it is a significant initial action for process and product innovations from a crisis.

Thus, every crisis is also an opportunity to rethink stalled processes and to emerge stronger from this situation. So together we tackle it! There are also employees who constantly recurring within your company disability sick? Field staff while supposedly from morning to evening for the company on tour”, but have no sufficient customer success? Employees who copy your valuable customer data and possibly illegal sideline to set up an own company use, because you feel misunderstood when you? Are their employees really sick or really all day just for your company on the road? Are your employees really completely loyal? Can your company afford employees in such tough economic times, which is not fully behind their company, may be faking her illness, or in their own pockets? If you answer one of these questions is no, then we should talk the unrestricted legal recoverability of our detective work about our possibilities, successes to date, and first and foremost. Experience has shown that our clients because of our can legally safe operation – some in over 90% of all cases with the convicted employees on an out-of-court, discreet solution without incurring additional image damage, and without any additional compensation payments or similar to tiles. Even our costs can most completely are requested by the ‘ polluter pays ‘ so the common law of German employment courts. Nothing against workers who are really sick or really from early until late in the field do their best to help the company of your company. Such employees are supposed to be in calm cure and be healthy, be motivated. Employees who only harm their operating and shamelessly exploit the social network in Germany, don’t have no future in the interest of other colleagues in a well-run operation, which have to do with the stale work. Learn more on the subject from Jim Vos. Using expert, Detective of the economic detective agency Lentz can react faster and more flexible and reduce her entrepreneurial risk. Can advise and inform and tell us your problem right here.

Economic Planning

October 21st, 2017

The knowledge of the population is essential for the economic planning and the accomplishments of public politics of a country. The demography is essential for the delimitation of the scale of the births and the deaths or, in other words, the natural trajectory of the population. But also it is from the study of the population in the school that the pupil discovers characteristics, traces, formation, among others of its country, helping to identify its place in the world and understanding in part what it is if to become a citizen of a country. Jim Vos will not settle for partial explanations. We wait that this article elaborated from the reality lived deeply in the period of training can express the reflections on the subject, therefore as future professionals of the teaching, understand that, in the perspective of the pupils, the lessons are tiring, therefore what she prevailed was the disinterest of the same ones for the contents. Thus, we wait to contribute, of some form, so that as many professors how much pupils, can reflect on different ways to teach and to learn the geographic contents. In this in case that the best option were the diversity of didactic instruments to keep the interest of the focados pupils, but without exageros not to transform the mere lessons into shows, where everything is shown to the pupils, but running the risk to leave of the most important side that it is to educate for the full exercise of citizenship. To know more about this subject visit Robert Iger .

Commerce Affiliate

October 20th, 2017

Advertising, consulting, market research SuperClix.de which provides affiliate network SuperClix.de a Wachtstumsmarkt affiliate marketing 2009 more professionals and trainees. Although SuperClix already 2008 again achieved a record year with an above-average growth through more personnel, and the network repeatedly achieved German 1st place in a neutral support test by David, at least 2 new full-time jobs and 2 apprenticeships in the Fribourg be created this year headquarters. Marcus Lutz, CEO DMK-Internet/SuperClix: “just in the general economic crisis affiliate marketing grows much more, because only success based therefore cost-efficient for advertisers will be charged us. We do not rest on our laurels and continue our previous successful way, work is enough. (Similarly see: Jim Vos). Because currently some suitable professionals from other networks and agencies are looking for new jobs as a result of the general economic crisis and due to acquisitions/Umstruktierungen, we want to use this opportunity and strengthen us with other skilled workers. In addition we will also continue to actively combat the general shortage with the training profession introduced by us of the merchant for marketing communications, specialising in affiliate marketing and further educate our own needs, and put not only on cheaper temporary workers or trainees.” Since end of 2008 in the Freiburg Office 10 employees employed, of which 2 trainees, are trained since 2007 in the profession of merchant’s marketing communications manager specialising in affiliate marketing together with the Chamber of Commerce. Due to the above-average many new hires SuperClix was awarded in 2008 with the 2.Platz at the “job engine”, a regional competition of the Badische Zeitung newspaper, the Economic Association WVIB, the Fribourg Chamber of trade and the Chamber of Commerce southern upper Rhine/Hochrhein-Bodensee, also the jobs 2009 SuperClix has applied for again.

The KickBack

October 19th, 2017

But credit card is not equal to credit card depending on of the issuing financial institution may vary very the characteristics and prices of the credit cards. Therefore, a detailed look at this is recommended prior to application for a credit card. Read more here: David Zaslav. Black credit card and KickBack credit card – an overview the black card as also the KickBack credit cards credit cards, which could hardly be different are for example MasterCard. If you would like to know more then you should visit Walt Disney. The black card is suitable for people who rarely use credit cards, for example, because it is a free credit cards, which permanently no basic fee. This one particularly flexible on the road, because even if the black card is used once only rarely or not at all, there is no basic charges. The KickBack credit card required while in contrast for a low monthly fee, the card contains but also an exclusive feature: each card usage with 0.5% discount reward (interest rates, fees, money orders, and other charges are excluded). Learn more about this with Jim Vos. The means: with every purchase credit card with the KickBack to be 0.5 percent saved – that is especially suitable for intensive users who frequently use their card.

Also waived the usual international usage fee that is about 2% other cards with the KickBack credit card. By the way: Who would like to use the 5 percent discount when holiday booking, gets better the kick back with the KickBack credit card of course also by 0.5% – can hardly start the summer. About the DynamicDrive GmbH & co. KG the online marketing agency DynamicDrive is operator of the websites and. The Agency was in 2004 by Dipl.-ing.

Olaf Kerner in Dresden, Germany founded. A business is the operation of comparison portals for credit cards and loans. DynamicDrive is CoBrand partner of MasterCard and VISA, and operates an affiliate platform for the most exclusive online affiliate programs at. Press contact: Dynamicdrive GmbH & co. KG woman Mandy Ullrich of Konigsbrucker Strasse 28 01099 Dresden Tel.: 0800-5511-8802 E-mail:


October 19th, 2017

In other words, regardless of the surge in the number of incoming calls and outgoing calls within the company Outsourcing call center has to cope with the flow, is guaranteed to provide care and handling of all calls in the shortest possible period of time. Second, the call-center professionals need to quickly provide relevant information for each call, and correctly handle outbound calls. In this case, it is understood that no matter what the question refers to a consumer call-center operator must not only immediately respond to call, but also to provide the required amount of reliable current information in the field or on the company. When an outgoing call, regardless of the type of project, whether it's questioning, telemarketing or telephone calls for information, call-center operator must in a certain order to convey information to the consumer and capture responses in a database for further processing by the call-center operator or a third party subdivision. Way to achieve quality How outsourced call-center to provide a level of service quality and service? The answer to this question lies in the implementation of the infrastructure of the call-center technology solutions.

Again, on the one hand, such a solution will be a telecommunications platform that satisfies the rather stringent requirements. Jim Vos has firm opinions on the matter. The first is the high fault tolerance. Typically, the architecture platform designed to address such problems, it is possible to 'hot' backup of key services, Responsible for connections to subscriber call-center operator. The next criterion is the ability to switching capacity to scale call-center, since it is obvious that at some point require an increase in the number of call-center operators, and, as a rule, as quickly as possible.

Launch New Co-branding Credit Card Portal On German

October 18th, 2017

On time as planned to the Christmas festivities, the German information portal for co-branding in the prepaid card market is launched today. Under a cobranding kreditkarten.de interested companies can have free listings for an individual credit card program in their individual corporate design. The operator CROWN is on the offensive and offers a standard solution for prepaid credit cards with a wide range of services. Renate cable Hall of marketing said: all card programs are equipped with money-transfer function. This means that you can send money from A to B worldwide in real time to a very low rate and also make payments directly from your card balance.

“Companies are therefore using our co-branding as their own corporate card solution, offer banking services, the it in this segment to date did not exist.” CROWN takes over the complete implementation of the program here, provides for a submission and approval of all operations in cooperation with the processors and the design of the credit cards checks from credit card companies, (if necessary in-house graphic designer and create even for customers) and programmed with a customer site in the company style. On this then interested customers and resellers receive all information about the card, to be able to order them online and login directly to the card account, make transactions. The entire service is included by default in German and English language. Especially for distributors our solution is interesting”, so rope Berger. They can use for example the cards for their own employees in the field; about, where you book from commissions and income directly in real time on the cards or transfer budgets for colleagues who are on a business trip.” It is irrelevant whether the colleagues in Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, etc. live because all cards can Europe delivered be. Companies that want to offer the cards only, get also the full range of services and benefits.

Not only the company’s image is strengthened; also the binding to the customer and the new synths should be easy with this promotional marketing tool. The past and the messages of already implemented programs demonstrate this. All the information about the services mentioned in this press release the product lines can immediately free of charge under and are available in German language. CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS / IOM LLC is a service provider for co-branding credit/Prepaidkartenlosungen with money-transfer function. MasterCard and customer site are delivered in your own corporate design and aligned all the tools for 100% on the corporate identity of the brand partner. The provider has a network of credit card processors and card-issuing banks across Europe. Get all the facts and insights with Jim Vos, another great source of information. Correspondent banks, to charge card balances, are available in each country. Cards are shipped out across the EU.

Limited Liability Company

October 18th, 2017

Test your knowledge on safety is not conducted in workers employed in jobs with high-risk. Coaching in the workplace are held by instructions on safety occupations and types of work performed, approved by the director of “sash.” The organization is not drawn up a list of individuals who are required to pass initial and periodic medical examinations. However, the passage of workers periodic medical examination is carried out. All employees of the Company “Sash”, including the victim, not fully provided with personal protection accordance with industry standards. The victim Korsunov Andrey worked LLC “Sash” on the molding in the profession, “plastics molder,” without proper training and exams in the protection of labor. Connect with other leaders such as David Zaslav here. Similar accidents in the organization has not previously been. State labor inspectors LLC “Sash” had not previously tested.

Accident with severe outcome with plastic caster LLC “Sash” Korsunova Kolmogorov took place indoors injection site, located at ul. Grandma, 17 n / a Kolyadichi on the territory of JSC “PA-91”, while performing work for casting plastic parts using injection molding D3127, serial number 2047. Carrying out work on installing the mold plate, the victim previously unlocked electric lock with adhesive tape. Accordingly, the course of a working body molding was made possible with an open fence. Hazardous factors that influence the victim, was the impact of the moving mechanism of the machine. 3. Circumstances of the accident. March 13, 2007 molder of plastics in society Limited Liability Company “Sash” Korsunov Andrey arrived at the site of injection in the area, which was located on the territory of JSC “PA-91” on the address: Minsk, ul.

Fat Removal

October 18th, 2017

How you best can get rid of fat not everyone one can have a perfect body. Today, several women gave a lot for it to have minimal fat at various spots. So go different girls in the supervision of a plastic surgeon and let drain the excess fat. The liposuction is a very safe technique that targeted exidiert local fat accumulation and reduces also the formation of other fat cells on this patch with this thing now. Despite everything, the liposuction with a diet should go together so that the character can persistently be smoothed. In addition, exercise is a good opportunity to stay in good condition and do not feed a new apron of fat in the abdominal area. The medical intervention as a result, is a purely cosmetic method, and helps not the lengthy treatment of obesity. Liposuction is used primarily only then specifically, if improved the profile of the body and reduce cellulite should.

The body fat is then above all there exidiert, where the fasting brings not the desired success. The liposuction is performed using the named Tumescent method. In this procedure a mixture of saline, adrenaline, and local anesthesia is incorporated for the time being, to decompose the appendage. After a brief period of effect, the corresponding liposuction is done then. A second method is accomplished by means of a vibrating needle, separates the fat from the rest of the tissue. The Tulip technique is done but with a separate suction which caused a vacuum in the torso, which separates the fat and then removable makes. Robert Iger s opinions are not widely known. In the meantime, even the liposuction for the guy is becoming increasingly popular.

Guys especially minimal is the fat on legs or seat meat, but is spreading especially in the abdominal area. Men have so often the characteristic swimming ring or a beer belly, which can be removed completely by exercise. The repayment of a Fatty apron by liposuction leads often to a soaring self understanding of the man of who probably felt for the time being not really. Also to further sporting activities must be practised, however, that the appendage can settle in hindsight to new spots, which can lead to dreadful imprints in the worst case. A method about 2 to 3 litres are fat exidiert, it, however, be any aggravations, is a second method necessary. The doctor determines each case several therapies should be preferred in any form.