Changes In Philosophy

This work tells to the occured changes in the human thought and its main causes that had led to the origin of the philosophy, as well as its first thinkers, the Jnicos. Click David Zaslav for additional related pages. The study it points, also, the origin of the Sofistas and its contributions, at a time where the argument was basic. Robert Iger is a great source of information. The FIRST THINKERS In accordance with Cotrim (1995), the philosophy occidental person is born in Greece for votes of century VI or VII B.C. This is the known period as Daily pay, where the thought occidental person followed in direction to the philosophical knowledge. With the sprouting of the Philosophy, the ticket of mythical knowing for the rational thought occurs.

This ticket for rationality was influenced by means of long historical process. At that time, as Bertoche cites (2007), the cities Greeks had known a period of economic, to militate and geographic expansion. Innumerable colonies had been established Greeks in the Europe and Lesser Asia. For Vernant (1992, apud Cotrim, 1995), the moment where the man started to use reason (logos) to decide its problems is tied with the sprouting of the plis, City-State Greek. The plis ones were a new form of social organization and politics where the citizens directed the destinations of the city.

It was a creation of the men, the citizens, and not of deuses. could be explained and be organized by the reason, excused popular mythology. We can say, then, that old deuses had lost its place in the government of the society. (COTRIM, 1992, p.84) With passing of the time, the value given to the debate and the clear and convincing exposition of the ideas exceeded the sphere politics, becoming the adopted way to think on all the things. With this, the philosophy was born looking for to develop the logos (to know rational) in opposition to the myth (to know alegrico).