China will hold bullfights after six years of a first experience with two functions in which, except the kind of killing, was respected and he staged the purest essence of the show, as now intended, said matador Manolo Sanchez in charge of the project. Under the agreement between China and the bullfighter Valladolid, about building an arena that would open next year, and to create a herd of wild cattle from Spanish, which would provide the bulls in the future to deal in that country. The project, already approved by the Chinese authorities, who directly exploit the advice of Manolo Sanchez, carried out in Huaitou, a district of Beijing, near the Great Wall.

“This is a themed resort in Spain one hundred percent, and for that one of the biggest attractions will bring bullfighting, but there will be other facilities such as wineries, among other attractions,” bullfighter said. Follow others, such as David Zaslav, and add to your knowledge base. In strictly Chinese Livestock taurine, Manolo Sanchez act as adviser to the Chinese local government, to be exercised as a company, to mark the guidelines when organizing celebrations, as well as liaison with the bullfighters and breeders, to facilitate recruitment and transport of livestock. “Within two or three months we will there-bellied hundred cows and a hundred other bulls to begin to establish a basis in the livestock that will create, and within this to begin with the works of the bullring, they intend up in three or four months. If forecasts are met, the arena will open in October next year with two bullfighting, “said Sanchez.