China Stock Letter Focuses On Evaluation Of Local Information In Mandarin

There are insights into the Chinese stock market and stock recommendations for China shares, which are still completely unknown in Germany. A staff team analyzed the official language in the People’s Republic of China, Republic of China and Singapore for CapitalChina site in Shanghai, one of the most important financial centers in Asia, local business news and company information in Mandarin. Monthly these reports and stock recommendations are summarized in a stock letter, which can be purchased at Insights into previously unknown values China has the second largest economy in the world behind the United States long ago with 1.3 billion inhabitants. A healthy financial situation and stable growth rates promise enormous potential for development.

“China opens gradually since the late of 1970s the international markets.” However, many stock market stars of the emerging markets are in this country hardly known and rarely come in the German media. “, reported Jochen Kurz, Managing Director of CapitalChina investment consulting GmbH and” Publisher of the China stock letter. To tap into the broad field of investment opportunities in the Chinese economic boom German private investors, the goal of the stock exchange letter was therefore, short. Quality title as a long term investment recommendations the local research team in Shanghai are the Subscriber of the China stock letter regularly an overview of the Chinese stock markets. In addition it picks out the best values from the wealth of information directly from the source, which are absolutely recommended under the criterion of a long-term investment in a quality title. Just these values less well-known in Germany offer interesting perspectives. Model portfolio development of stock picks makes transparent the editors of CapitalChina is independent of banks, funds and other institutions.

This ensures that the published information and recommendations are absolutely objective. In addition, it is important for Jochen Kurz that the development of the Chinese stocks, which will be presented in the letter of exchange for the Subscribers is understandable. “We result in an own model portfolio, from our readers at any time refer to the successes of our stock recommendations.”, he explains. Background information CapitalChina investment consulting GmbH the CapitalChina investment consulting GmbH with seat in Steinbach Taunus was founded in August 2010 and published a monthly China stock letter. Target group are private investors with interest in the emerging markets and particularly China shares. Recommendations that come directly from the own research Bureau in Shanghai, investors on the basis of a pattern repository at any time can comprehend. The stock market letter gives specific stock picks for Chinese stocks with a focus on values that are still completely unknown in Germany and gives the readers a general overview of the Chinese stock markets also.