Christmas Greetings

The summer solstice has arrived at the South hemisphere. It is the moment of my habitual Christmas greeting. Like every year, I request excuses to them by the abuse of the writing in first person. It is the unique time in the year in which I speak more or less in serious and more or less on my vision of the world. My message of this year incorporates new features.

First of all, I have decided to stop sending it by electronic mail to my lists of contacts. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Joel and Ethan Coen on most websites. In always well it has the past not been received and, in this way, it would want to reinforce the idea that its reading IS an OPTION of each reader. I fear that it is perceived like a pretentious package of ” mail not deseado” ideological. At the same time I understand that the use of this channel makes me gain certain liberties, since it allows me to relax the level of diplomacy of my speech. The messages of the previous years were published in this blog under a indisimuladamente false name. The greeting of this year will only have this incarnation.

Made this explanation, we go to greeting. The second newness: I want to tell them that this year I have found Jesus. After deep reflections, I discovered that I have lived mistaken. A gorgeous truth was revealed to me and I understand now that the salvation is guaranteed for those who we accepted that truth. For that reason this year I want to wish them, for the first time, sincere MERRY CHRISTMAS! We celebrate together the birth of which it has come to pay by our sins to save our souls of the condemnation and to bring eternal life to us! Nah, is joke. They already know it, I am a militant atheist.