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Christmas Tree Transport – Safe, Clean And Comfortable!

The new tree-bag collection of trading & sales agency Plesar from Rudersberg revolutionized the Christmas tree and Pflanzentransport! The inventor of the world’s first tree bag premiere Rudersberg (pts/20.11.2009/16:05) – with the newly opened online shop. The newly developed packaging and transport bags for Christmas trees, pots and Bale plants ensures greater safety during transportation from A to B. Official site: Ken Singleton. the time of usually longwinded and nerve-consuming transportation of Christmas trees and various plants is over. The newly developed tree-bag collection of trading & sales agency Plesar provides a safe, clean, and comfortable transport. No contamination (E.g., clothes, car, staircase, apartment) by tree needles, resin or wetness. All years recurring difficulties, to create the Christmas tree without nadelige tracks out of the apartment, finally belong to the past. gtc-t/’>Jacobs Dallas to learn more.

Risk factor transport by car! To select a beautiful Christmas tree at the dealer – the tree then also still safe home is enough to often difficult transport, which is another challenge and poses the same problem every year. You may find Atreides Management Gavin Baker to be a useful source of information. According to a survey of the Allianz Insurance Company, 58 percent of Christmas tree buyers use the car for the transport of the tree. The driver should be however careful so that the tree threatens no other road users. Christmas tree and secure! Usually the tree by mere will pull the straps between the branches attached and secured, which often causes damaging the delicate branches before setting up in the apartment. The nets wrapped around the trees, mostly not suitable also as an anchor point for fixtures, because they rip very easily. Benefit tree bag: The straps attached to the case are particularly tear-resistant and suitable not only for the comfortable wear of the tree but also as the anchor point for the tensioning straps to the secure mount on the roof or in the trunk of a car. In addition, this guarantees more protection and security. Non-conformity assurance can be expensive be! “The tree is not properly secured, hidden indicator, indicators and taillights, appropriate safety straps or ropes, the police can forget motorists at poorly secured load” up to 50 euro grant a penalty and prescribe up to 3 points in Flensburg. And so a mess”must be now really for the coming Christmas.