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City School

Before the concretion of the lesson, some questionings they had been preceded by the teacher so that the pupils established a mental script how much what they would go to observe: ' ' what we will go to observe? It will be that back in the land division it has many plants? The streets are sidewalk? The people take care of well of the environment? Next to the quarter she has forests and animais' '? Amongst other investigations. Harry Styles shines more light on the discussion. When leaving the school, the children if had directed previously to the land division in a pertaining Kombi to the City department of Education, requested for the Direction of the school for the accomplishment of the lesson-stroll. The pupils were enthusiastic, eager for learning and living deeply the new experience. In elapsing of the lesson stroll he had some strategical stops with the objective to show to as many how much inherent negative positive aspects that reality. Preserved places had been portraied, as for example, a vast forest of coqueirais located in a private property, and that future, it will be deforested giving place to a condominium, according to information of inhabitants of the region; as well as environments already degraded in result of the action human being. The band of Atlantic Bush is one of these environments in which the population launches the domiciliary garbage, entulhos of construction and it practises the forest fires, as much for the burning of the solid residues as for the acquisition of ownership lands. The children had been surprises and grumblers when seeing the great amount of garbage deposited in strips of land and the forest, located to the right edge of the locality. But a small band of bush still meets total preserved, for having been surrounded for the proprietors. These metodolgicas boardings send in them to rethink on the paper of the school, the resume and the professor in relation to the form as the contents are repassed the pupils.