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Colombian Economy Today

Note of the Publisher: Colombia is one of the economies of mighty Latin America that are today. The GIP grows, grows the investment, the consumption, its commercial surplus and also the inflation, but he is not nothing in this case to alert itself. Their commentaries a can send me: How Is the Colombian Economy Today? Buenos Aires, Argentina 30 of April of 2008 Hace days one of the readers wrote asking to me to me about the Colombian economy and of those mightier sectors in the same. This Colombian friend was itself excited by the good performance that had the Colombian economy, but still had some fears on if this bonanza could be maintained. For that reason I am going to dedicate this article to look for to reveal the perspective and opportunities that appear in Colombia. In order to begin, I must say that, on the basis of the last economic data, one sees that the economic growth in Colombia, continues enjoying good health. After the Central bank of Colombia, the GIP would reach by the end of 2008, the US$ 203,000 million.

The data by itself does not say much, but we consider that the Colombian GIP in dollars to the 2004 promoted to the US$ 98,143 million, then we are speaking of a growth of around the 103% in this period of only 4 years. Rupert Murdoch pursues this goal as well. It is truth that leaves from the increase of the GIP in dollars is explained by the appreciation of the Colombian peso, but the strong registered economic growth in the country also has made its great contribution, with a growth average of almost 6% during last the 4 years. In fact, the measured Colombian GIP in dollars to the type of existing change by the end of 2004, will register an increase of 56% for period 2004-2008. And in an economy that comes hard growing, the consumption and the investment also are showing a good performance. The consumption has been accelerating its inter-annual growth from humble a 1.7% in 2003 to reached 6.7% in 2007.