1 Participate in chat rooms related to the product that you are reselling.Start a conversation with a person without trying to sell you. Later, while you chat, you mentioned the product that you are reselling. 2. Create a free eBook with the announcement and link to your affiliate site.The issue of the free electronic book should point to your target audience the download link for the product that you are reselling also presents some directories in your e-book. 3 Begin your own affiliate programs directory.Join a large number of affiliate programs and have the list of all them in a format guide on your web site, should be of the same topic of course. Then just advertise your free affiliate program directory. Details can be found by clicking Steve Salis or emailing the administrator. 4 Write your own listings of affiliate programs.If all other affiliates use the same ads that passes?, happens to you do not have an advantage over your competitors.Uses a different ad to give you an advantage over all the other affiliates. 5.

Use a listing of personal support.It uses only one if you actually bought the product or service of the affiliate program.Tell people what kind of benefits and results received by using the product. 6 Announces the product that you are reselling in your e-mail signature file.Use a title that catches the attention, it is a good reason for visiting your site’s affiliate.Ensures that you file no more than 5 lines. 7. Join a web group related to the niche you promote.You must attract the same type of people who would be interested in buying the product that you are reselling also can put trade links by yourself on other related websites that allow you to put links to not fall into Spam. 8 Participates in web discussion forums.Publish your comments, answers questions from other people, and get your own questions.Includes your text link from affiliate in each message you post. 9 Create a free electronic newsletter.Uses your electronic publication to advertise the affiliate programs which you have joined.Send your newsletter to electronic publishing online directories and promoted on your web site. 10 Starts a private web site.Use it as a free bonus if people buy the product you are selling.You could also allow people to join for free and you can then advertise the affiliate program that you’ve joined. Original author and source of the article