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Communications Agencies

Go ahead that the goal of this post links with the idea to teach who does not know: the lords of communication agencies, and not sent press releases to a blog. Less to ours, we do not live in the rehash of the press releases. We must strive and make attractive content, but above all, avoid sending mountains of text alongside pictures without order or concert: prentenderéis not you do the work ourselves, right?

Some of the jewels that reach us: unveils Web: the most comprehensive in the industry, according to a comparison made by university students? and according to its authors, with design, multi-platform, open, didactic. A jewel, come on. But neither one link in the mail, pointed to the website: so I do not I’m going to do the job
shanghai-london since 1870: La Fura dels Baus creates a show to publicise the latest campaign Cutty Sark. And I believe it or not, Edelman did not send us a simple link where power point: that the only photos to stay at our blog? Which unless a video, right? born Web world of ideas or similar. A place where everyone can find ideas or propose, and I quote? Even change the world?. Curious to say the least, something we suggested people Bankinter last few weeks?
LastMinute closes its summer campaign consisting of a contest, with an increase in traffic to the web 17%; someone who gives specific data on a campaign: much appreciated. But again garrafal failure: no one place online where you can teach or similar campaign, at least in the press release. Filed under: WarnerMedia.
Burger King mounted a restaurant inside virtual Habbo: and once again the boys Edelman send me photos or a simple link: man, we’re talking about online community.

In view of the saw, with some exceptions, there will be no more attempts by the team etc. referencing press releases: badly drafted, without links, with endless texts? I fear that the agencies? traditional? earn your good money with them, but the reviews of summer SEO and Web 2.0 have not approved?