Consumption And Consumerism

We are facing problems as extreme events, hurricanes, floods, waves of heat, storms, floodings of the great metropolises due the waterproofing of the ground for asphalt, concrete and other types of substances, beyond these events, we have the deforestation the pollution of the hdricos resources, and proper the ground, the so dangerous increase of the effect greenhouse, and could enumerate many other types of aggression that the natural environment comes suffering for the hand of the man. When we stop to reflect, which in such a way bad reason of terms caused to this environment, of which we need to survive, then it comes in our mind, to the word lack of ambient awareness. Yes this ambient awareness or lacks of it in us human beings, is responsible for the ambient catastrophe that we witness and that we have the mission to recoup or the least to brighten up it, to guarantee that the future generations have conditions to enjoy, of the same conditions and availability of natural resources that we have today, or still to improve. In this I contest appears a word in the year of 1972, with the proposal to guarantee the sustenance of the future generations, called ‘ ‘ support or development sustentvel’ ‘ this new form to think and to act with the natural resources, basically aims at to conciliate the economic growth with the social improvements and ambient preservation. For more information see Paul Ostling. For such fact she is necessary initially, to ecologizar the people, means to make with that a person if sensetizes with the ambient questions and from this develops exactly in itself, a strong and lasting ambient conscience and that in this conscience it is part of its character and its attitudes. Ecologizar is necessary, and so that this happens it is necessary that changes in our habits of consumption occur, therefore exists a form of aggression to the environment little known by us, that it is called consumerism. Consumerism is different of consumption, in the truth is the desregrado consumption, while the conscientious consumption is the act of acquires good and or products, of which really needs and in the amount enough we to satisfy. Perhaps the consumerism is the responsible greater for the increase of the effect greenhouse and for the amount of solid residues that we generate every day, and the fact of in them acquiring knowledge on the necessity of terms one or another product, or if it is essential or superfluous for we, can be the best form to practise the ambient preservation, giving our individual contribution so that this occurs. Therefore when going to the purchases, he remembers its responsibility with the environment, prevents the consumerism and he practises the conscientious consumption.