Digital Personnel File

Paper or rather digital personnel file? Frequently to manage personnel files and other important data in paper form, but in larger companies, which can often lead to chaos and is also quite cumbersome and especially time consuming. “Everyone knows the saying time is money” and exactly so. A personnel file will get needed, you have to look only for hours, because as where it should be, it is not, also many more things must be observed, such as, for example, the confidentiality of the data, that can really cost money. However, the data is available, in digital form you is just a few clicks from each file. What is a digital personnel file? A digital personnel file is the acquisition of important personal data in principle what it knows already since the first personnel file, namely. However, the crucial difference to the personnel file in paper form, should fall on the hand. Writing on paper takes an often much longer than the tap, on the other hand we all know how quickly so a sheet time disappears, and of course we live today in a world in which we would waste more unnecessary money for to collect some data. The digital data capture saves money as well as time, is clear and safe.

What does a digital personnel file for benefits? Everything is captured in the so-called Basic module personnel manager”exactly and the data from the payroll system are automatically applied. Master data such as Department, work schedule, or cost center, administered standardized. Changes apply to all users, without changing legacy however, which means that older records are not damaged. This digital file of the person, backgrounds and histories of employees are automatically generated. Therefore, you can understand which carrier has the respective employees behind. Also the reliable planning of the personnel budget for subsequent years with the Centre management “no problem more represents. The transparency is a further advantage the staff presence or holiday planning with them.

A direct link between this application and time tracking, or layer planning is possible. The automatic reminder mode is another feature, which you should not miss. Gone are the days of paper, at the digital personnel file you will be recalled automatically expires when, for example, the probationary period of an employee’s. It is always up to date, without having spent a sheet before hours looking after. The variable planning horizon allows the planning of future data. Thus, it is possible to identify future changes in advance and to make.