Disappeared Body Dentist

Perhaps the disappearance, in Campinas (SP), since February of 1987, of the dentist Alba Panza de Figueiredo, is enters the most intriguing and mysterious registered crimes already in the Country. Defendant for the crime, also then the husband of Alba, also the dentist Pablo Figueiredo Jnior, had been imprisoned, been judgeships, but the truth is that the body of the victim never was found and was not due to searches, which had even occurred in Paraguayan territory. Between 88 and at least up to 1991, to try to find the body of the dentist he capsized almost that paranoia and setting policemen and the press of the region of Campinas. contribute to your knowledge. Each skeleton, each vestige that indicated the existence of a human body age minutely analyzed by connoisseurs in the attempt to arrive at the identification of Alba, son of Jose Panza Grandson, politician of the region of Helm. Each inquiry renewed the hope of the family in at least giving a decent burial for the victim, since, after as many years of disappearance, it did not have hope of if to find the dentist with life. In the infindveis searches, some skeletons had been found, some had finished identified others not, but expert of the Policy they had discarded all in relation to be of the dentist.

The discardings came in constataes of most diverse, such as determined skeleton to be of a man, another being of a woman, of eastern or African origins, thus for ahead. But, of any form no information left of being checked, after all to find the body would be the form fastest of if arriving at the criminals, since the only witness of the crime, then the husband of Alba, said to have motionless the car in the Anhanguera highway, in Campinas, therefore she felt fort migraine. They had been some minutes and, according to it, they had appeared two men and they sequestraram the dentist, who never more would appear.