Ecological Objective

To reevaluate if the price of what we consider having value is the life as a whole is a task that says respect to all. The object that has necessary value is in agreement with the ecological context. ' ' The reevaluation of the economy is not a mere intellectual task, but it will have to involve deep changes in our system of values (). To define wealth inside of an ecological context will mean to exceed its current connotations of material accumulation and to confer the enrichment direction to it amplest humano.' ' (CAPRA. 2007, P.

222) To raise above of banal the ambient problems and the real possibilities of change, that must exceed the limits of the banalizadas experiences already of conceptualization of what it is wealth material, is accumulates is rethink it of wealth in consensus with the ambient context. If it is possible! It is essential. A economy ' ' verde' ' , it does not extinguish I accumulate it of wealth and the economic freedom so valued by the capitalism, it redirects the ways for which if it can produce, commercialize and keep the accumulation of wealth without destroying the ecosystem. An attempt of taking of the power in the ambient urgencies does not exist, in the ecological movements, the manifestations ecologists, what it exists is the attempt to alert on the problems and to consider viable solutions for the amenizao of the problems. The ecosystem needs maintenance, therefore its desiquilbrios already had demonstrated not to be pleasant it human being that it became consumistas for the pleasure to consume. Consuming is a pleasant act whereas the ambient damages of the wild consumption that is stimulated by a predatory economic system are .causing of suffering. While consumption object, a product supplies pleasure stops who consummates the same in rhythm of offers, not to get it is reason of ' ' sofrimento' '.