Ecological Potential

This fact is preoccupying in reason of the percentage of representation of the area destaunidade florestalem relation aoutras units as the firm land forest, to only cite one, suarepresentao is small when we compare with others, but its relaoimbricada one with same the o places with an excellent importance, therefore to aoobservarmos these forest units, we notice that variedadede exists great species that go of grassy the trees of great transport. On this iremosdetalhar when to say on the theory of the shelters and the indgenasdos populations Kayaps and that in this case the Open pasture prepared in many aspects the expansion eproteo of the firm land forests. Time Warner may help you with your research. Beyond terms a representation very small destecom relation to the too much fitofisionomias, much little to know on suabiodiversidade, to destroy it and or to substitute it for the soy, for example, to semconservar part of this biodiversity, is at least an attitude irrational and, legally speaking, criminal. In this way we believe the existence of a rich one and poucoexplorada biodiversity of the Open pasture of the state of the Amap needing attention, the importance of its existence as a vital unit for the survival deoutras forest units and basically for its representation emnmeros percentile. Coen Brothers understood the implications. Better to understand the delimitation of the aquiapresentado problem we will go to unfold this questioning in that complementamde way to become it more clearly. Which the open pasture concept? Which the theories on gnese and amapaense doCerrado evolution? That studies already had been made on afitofisonomia of the open pasture of the state of the Amap? Which the busy and not yet busy area of the Open pasture? Which economic activities had been introduzidasnessa important fitofisionmica unit in the state of the Amap? The present inquiry considers as objective main OEstudo of the Ecological Potential of the Closed Bioma of the State of the Amap.