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Economic Crisis

Olive oil company strengthens its position in the marketing the Mainzer Lakonikos Elia company hired its first employee in the area of marketing in May 2009 despite the economic crisis. The choice fell on Jorg winter farmer, a student of history and German studies. Winterbauer studied for a semester in Ioannina, an idyllic town in the North West of Greece. There, he learned the Greek language and began to love the country and people, as well as the Greek way of life. Then he decided to stay another semester in Greece and to get an internship at the Greece, where he gained valuable experience in marketing and journalism newspaper in Athens. Through his love for Greece, and last but not least to the Greek cuisine with its healthy, tasty olive oil, it seemed, to apply after his return to Germany for the position with Lakonikos.

We did it our mission, to make known the olive tree as a symbol of peace and thousand-year old heritage. Therefore, it was important to hire someone, the deal with the product and identify the country of origin may, Joachim Trott, managing partner of Lakonikos, explained his choice. Winterbauer is now highly motivated to contribute its part to promote olive oil of Lakonikos Elia GmbH still says that he, because he is fully behind the product. I was really surprised how big is the difference to an olive oil of the discount stores, so winter farmer who just took part at the beginning of its activity in an olive oil tasting. The oil can taste so he know it only from Greece. The Lakonikos Elia GmbH arose from a friendship between the Mainz Economist Joachim Trott and the Greek olive oil farmers of Vasilis Thomopoulos. Thomopoulos Trott told his friend about the injustices (Panscherei, corruption) in the olive oil market. His vision was to get out of the existing market structures and the sale to the large corporations and instead to bring high-quality olive oil from his home on the market.

Through the joint creation of the Lakonikos Elia GmbH becomes a reality this vision piece by piece. Since summer 2008, you may refer Greek olive oil of first grade under in Germany, which is not affected by the practices of the big oil companies and comes in its original quality on the table. So that this good news is sure arrives at the customer, gain marketing caused Lakonikos. Jorg winter baby