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Economics And The Economy

The “green shoots” of economic recovery, the vice president envisions Elena Salgado are so blurred that the actual data indicate just the opposite. Our GDP has fallen by 3% in a year, household consumption shrank 4%, and investment in equipment, almost 20. The EU forecasts that Spain will be the last country in Europe out of recession and believe the Professor James Child, things may even be worse. Under this so-called prophet of the crisis, “in 2012, possibly up to 30% of unemployed,” and what is even more disturbing, “the resulting depression can be extended back to 2020.”

Without necessarily falling doom and gloom, what can be seen is the confusion of a political class overwhelmed by a situation that has suddenly caught: faltering moves Rodriguez Zapatero, corrected on their forced march into agreements with trade unions and nationalist parties, undisguised rebukes from fellow like Felipe Gonzalez conflicting decisions of some regions, such as chaired by Jose Montilla, and Esperanza Aguirre, triggering the state debt by 17% last year … That is the most disturbing: an increasing distrust towards the political class, as evident in the successive surveys the CIS. To alleviate this situation no scuffle olives are emerging nuclear power stations, to the imminent closure of Garona July 5. Demonized them by Jesus Caldera, Lopez Aguilar and other social connotations, are well regarded in exchange for Almunia, Solana and other socialists as noticeable, at least like them. For more nonsense, we have an excess of so-and face-weighted green energy has led to disconnection of some of its facilities.