We can, however, to reduce this production reusing, whenever possible the materials you recycle. It is the same case with the used oil. Still today, great reutilizvel part of the oil is discarded of errnea form.

The selective collection is a politically correct alternative that deviates from the environment this residue that could be reaproveitado. Reaproveitar the oil and to place it in its due place not polui the environment, provides the recycling and acquires knowledge the population of its social responsibility (RGNUTRI, 2008). With this we will be able to discover the wealth that the used oil has. It knows that when this residue has an adjusted destination more as for example, the selective collection, the same it allows that let us receive an income more and that it will serve for social inclusion of the people. With developing of the project in the city of Jaguaribe, I obtained a firm partnership with the entrepreneur Antonio Jose Barbosa, more known as Dede of the Soap proprietor of the Industry Jaguaribano Soap, that will be giving reinforcement and subsidizes to the project to develop it of the campaign of selective collection in the City, where the same will start to be the point of collection of the used oil, where he will be processed and transformed into Soap in bar. It will be buying of each inhabitant the oil with the price equivalent the 1 Real the kg or the exchange for the end item.

With this, we are considering the enrollment of all: servers, Judges, Appeals court judges, Jurisdicionados and terceirizados, in a project that goes in showing everything to them what if it can make, earn and learn with our day to day oil. vestments). 3. Consideraes ambient the implantation of a system of selective collection in the city of Jaguaribe Cear aims at to brighten up or to eliminate the ambient impacts happened of a incorrect discarding of the materials produced in our house, giving bigger emphasis to the oil of kitchen after-fritura.