Enterprise Pedagogia

According to Gil: The organizations that learn are those in which the people continuously improve its capacities to create the future that really would like to see to appear. To the professional of human resources the performance of innumerable papers competes. All of extreme importance in such a way for the company how much for the collaborator. Some papers, however, are required as, for example, of communicator, who demands that the professional communicates itself in efficient way with the superior administration, intermediate managements, with the employees, at last, with whom they compose the organization, knowing each one of individual form, knowing which language to use to be understood. Another important paper is of selecting, that must consider criteria and elaborate instruments and tools for conscription, election and for the adaptation of the people in the company. This professional also must exert the papers of trainer, appraiser of performance, analyst of positions, motivador, leader, negotiator, manager of quality, among others of extreme importance. However most important and basic he is to have ethical professional, to love what he makes and to like people.

The ethical principles must guide all the activity of the organizations. It is not only treated to guarantee the labor laws, but to make with that collaborators trust the organization. This demands an open and frank relationship for which nor all the companies duly are prepared. It fits to the professional of human resources, to keep an ethical and socially responsible behavior. To be a true professional of RH simply does not mean to pass of the operational work for the strategical one.

It means to learn to dominate operational and strategical the processes in such a way as the staff. The success in these papers demands an agreement of the results of each company, of the metaphors and of the actions you specify proceeding from the application of each one of these papers. All the companies are organizations that learn, because the world is moving and they need to move together, what she implies in being learning always.