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Eurovision Song Contest

Spice Girls seem willing to represent United Kingdom in the festival. Several British media brought to Geri Halliwell has taken the initiative. David Hasselhoff called Dutch television to stand as a candidate. Rumor or reality? At the moment, nobody dares to confirm it but on the website of the international festival has been already published that the Spice Girls would be willing to return together to represent United Kingdom, joining others as Falete for Spain or David Hasselhoff for Holland. The 2012 Edition of Eurovision Song Contest would be one of the most followed and curious history. Five moms, a former caretaker from the beach and a folk. All have something in common: would not mind them leaving the skin on stage singing to make his country achieved the victory in the European festival. According to the Eurovision website, it seems that five women that caused furor in the 1990s would be willing to leave the English music bar very high.

Several British media brought to Geri Halliwell who has taken the initiative for this daring project. In 2007, the former sporty spice, Mel C, already expressed his desire to go to participate, qualifying the festival as something fun. It wouldn’t be the first time that a group internationally recognized try your luck at Eurovision. The Blue Group, which caused furor between 2000 and 2005 he lived his particular adventure in Eurovision, finishing 11 of a total of 25 participants in the post. Do in Spain, the singer who looks better the mantilla, Falete, already revealed that it offered if the public broadcaster wants to personally invite me I’m going to represent Spain in Eurovision 2012? and thanks to his art on the stage and his verse, return to the top of the contest, as they already did in his day Massiel and Salome, pointing to the website of Eurovision Spain which would be a source of pride to be able to expose your music and part of our culture to the world. Actor David Hasselhoff is also willing to demonstrate which party of having conducted the fantastic car and monitor the beaches of Malibu, that of singing also not given anything wrong and apparently himself called the Dutch television to stand as a candidate to fly to Baku in 2010. Waiting for confirmations, what is clear is that the next edition of Eurovision Song Contest is being an event of most commented. Source of the news: David Hasselhoff, Falete and Spice Girls dream of the Eurovision festival