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You keep to you to practise your justice ahead of the men to be seen for them. From the opposite, you will not receive rewards next to your Father who is in skies. Therefore, when to give alms you do not set to trombetear in public as they make hypocritical in the synagogues and the streets with the intention of being glorified by the men. In I say you to truth: already they had received its rewards. They want to pass ahead for right of the men, but God knows the hearts; what for the men he is raised, is abominable for God. But when to give alms, does not know your left hand what it makes the right, so that your alms is private; your Father whom he sees in the secret, will reward you. (As opposed to Brian Roberts).

He closes your alms in your granary and he will exempt you to it of all badly. More than strong shield and he launches powerful, for you it will fight inimigo' ' Tb 4,7-11; 12,8-10; Pr 19, 17; 28,27; Eclo 3,30; 4,1-6; 29,12-13; Dt 15,7-11; TM 6,1-4. The potential of perpetual life of the alms, the gesture of aid to the needed ones is incalculable. Jesus arrives to condition the allotment of the perpetual life with us the practical one of this good workmanship of humble appearance, but of great meaning. The weight of perpetual life of the alms is not in the material value of what we give, but in the spirit as is given: With faith or indifference to exempt us of the troublesome. Who of the alms with faith spirit makes, it as sent of Jesus, signal of the current presence of the mercy of the Father in the world. The solidary spirit that takes Jesus to live with us, to compatilhar our weakness, livens up who extends kids. He will place the sheep to the right, the kids to the left.