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Federal Government

The region of the Tapajs always was remembered, therefore daqui, many wealth had been taken, an example is the mineral extration and the lumber extration. Today we are more than defenders of the environment, several of our areas are very well preserved. The possibilities of terms a future better after this division are innumerable: we will have a next government, what it facilitates our claims, we will have the support of the Federal Government per ten years, and still we can have a great advance in the area of the health and education, therefore the new been will have only 15 of the cities of its previous composition that the administration of our region will facilitate. What we prefer? To be a region that only obtains to be seen by the government of the state as an electoral corral? Or to go to the fight and to show that we are more and that we have our ethical, moral values, cultural politicians and? The decision is ours! We go to decide to grow! We cannot continue estagnados, serving of numbers so that the state receives benefits from which never we have right for being to the end of this pyramid. THE DIVISION OF THE STATE OF PAR ELONEIDA OLIVEIRA DA SILVA 3 For the Creation of the Tapajs we are in favor of the division, because with this division we can until conquering better things.

When people want to buy some thing of the other countries are until difficult arriving until here, because she has people that she deviates the purchase that if brings of far, therefore the interior is more than a thousand kilometers of the capital. With the division it can be that it is better for all. He has some people who are against the division why they find that dividing she can get worse, but each one has its taste, but we are the favor and say YES TO the TAPAJS.