Federal Government

The Pantry of the World and the Olimpadas that will be carried through in Brazil in the next years are attracting investments that, explained well or not, are giving form the great structures. Esportivos stadiums, complexes, hotels, new lines of the subway. Everything this has valued the property in diverse quarters and regions, as the property for sale in City Dutra, So Paulo, for example. But it is not only the So Paulo capital. The too much city-headquarters, and others that will not receive games, but will house elections and tourists, also go seeing its economies being put into motion. Although all the valuation and euphoria that we are seeing today, is necessary to study all if this investment will be made in workmanships and structures that will be used to advantage later. You are welcome it advances to play billions of Reals in a project that will be used during only one month and later he will be abandoned.

Who search immovable through correctors, or even though for the Internet in buscadores as Nestoria.com.br, will obtain to follow valuation? The clubs that will inherit stadiums will obtain to keep them? The luxury hotels will be looked after the Pantry and of the Olimpadas? They are questions that they need to be studied. As substance published in the periodical LAUNCHES! , a spread sheet of the Ministry of the Sport sample that until June of 2011 the forecast was of that the structure for the Pantry-2014 was spent R$ 24 billion in all. However, the Federal Government already works with the value of R$ 40 billion, and the ciphers do not stop to go up. In the initial project an investment of about R$ 6 billion Reals with the airports was foreseen, but these expenses can be in 10 R$ bi. With stadiums problem occurs the same. Initially the forecast was to spend also 6 approximately R$ bi in them, but all the enclosures for bullfighting are costing more than the foreseen one, and already bi is said more than in 8 R$ to conclude all.