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Fritz Ostendorf

1993 Peter Borkenau and Fritz Ostendorf the NEO FFI translated eventually into the German language. This test divides the human personalities into five groups can be seen from its name. Distinction: emotional stability (neuroticism): confident uncertain. Extraversion: Restrained affable. Openness to experience: creative pragmatically. Compatibility: Yielding putting through. Conscientiousness: Carefully casual.

The NEO-FFI has become the most compared to the other, less well-known personality tests. It applies as acceptance test in factories or offices, as well as in single markets, to propose suitable companion or companions to the users. How, for example, at a short, practical test enables the number logged-in singles, to select suitable men or women for partner-seekers. Basically the NEO FFI is wherever useful, where a person with a certain aptitude is searched. Of course, each test carries some uncertainty. In part, the day Constitution of subjects plays a role.

Furthermore the desire to meet the expectations of the tester. Insofar as the questions are predictable, for example, a candidate who applies for an accountant position, is answer any questions relating to the diligence, mutatis mutandis so, gives the impression of care and accuracy. And a Chief of staff who is looking for an Assistant, may vote a candidate, whose Personlichkeit is recognized as confident and putting through the evaluation. Therefore refuse because he wants to breed not a competitor. Continues a personality test with a personal interview can be carried out with targeted questions and observing the reaction of the applicant, whether the Test has been correctly answered. Body language reveals few details about the character traits during the personal interview. Signs which are visible even for a layman. And also the facial expression is not always one hundred percent control. The unconscious twitching of a facial muscle after a question can reveal that an answer given in the test was cheating. So using all available tools to detect a human, how to reach at the end but a pretty accurate view of personality. Each improved technology is the Chief of staff, or the tester the task which, as exactly as possible to analyze a candidate, right, who helps him in his task. On the other hand, these practices – understandably – arouse a feeling of unease. Who does like to scan his ego by a stranger? Everyone keeps a small rest of secrets prefer for themselves.