Functions Organization

" Than more you describe, it will be easier to find a potential employer and more detailed study it. But before you go to the next step, let's step back and describe a more flexible requirements for the operation of your dreams. After all, they make this work in the object of your dreams. The left hemisphere vs. right With this list you will be able to understand what work environment you find most suitable. CBS might disagree with that approach. You'll want to work in a mature company or developing. Usually already established industry (eg, equipment), characterized by a great conservative corporate culture.

Horizontal or vertical management structure should be in company? After all, there is a difference, whether between you and the leadership of 14 intermediate units or only 2. Which organization is right for you more, "left hemisphere" or "right-hemisphere"? Although in modern neuroscience is not used theory of the difference between the functions of the cerebral hemispheres, it may be helpful in understanding our strengths and preferences. The left hemisphere is responsible for the ability in mathematics, music, programming drawing block diagrams. If this is you, you'll like career, for example, a research institute or design organization. People with hemispheric thinking usually inclined to the humanities, languages and art. Them may well be suitable work for an advertising agency or business. As implemented in the organization of recruitment What on paper seems the embodiment of your ideas on dreams, in fact, can be melted as smoke, if you do not have to deal with what I would like and what can you best.