German Economist

Klaus Regling believes there is the hope that the crisis will be overcome in the medium term. For this reason, the countries of the euro zone must continue saving measures and reforms. It criticizes the pessimism of the Germans, their compatriots, who always think that everything can get worse. The head of the Rescue Fund for the euro (ESFF, by its acronym in English), Klaus Regling, believes that the crisis that grips the countries of the single currency area has prospects for medium-term solution. Read additional details here: David Zaslav. There is the hope that in two or three years the crisis will be overcome, says Regling in statements carried out by the German weekly Der Spiegel.

The j of the EFSF underlines that so it is necessary that countries of the euro zone are consequential and continue with the necessary measures of saving and financial reforms. Monetary Union is not going to fall apart, since both the strong and weak countries have common interest to continue operating, said Regling, who says emphatically the risk of abandoning the euro gives just by who, is equal to zero. The German Economist criticizes addition with utmost hardness his countrymen to ensure that Germany reign partly hysteria, since the Germans think only in that everything can get even worse more. But that is not true, everything points to an improvement, says j of the EFSF, to which all the countries of the zone euro recorded an improvement in the fundamental data and plans have been agreed savings, something of what USA is still very far. The head of the EFSF finally announced in the interview that the strong increase in the tasks of his Office will make next year to double its staff from the current 12 to 24 people.