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Global Precipitation Distribution

The hidrolgico cycle and the dynamics of global precipitation distribution Anderson Azevedo Mesquita* the Land can be described as a great system integrated for complex parts, such as the hidrosfera, the lithospere, the atmosphere and in the intersection of these the biosfera. All the subsystems in set develop diverse mechanisms and processes that inside result in the formation of a natural environment essential physicist-chemistry for the existence and maintenance of all the ways of life of the terrestrial ecosystem. The sistmica idea and of integration of the natural processes of the constituent of the system planet Land, is resultant of an interaction process that initiates with the solar radiation being motor force and essential base of energy of the system, passing later, for all biogeoqumicos, termoqumicos, trficos, abiticos and biticos the processes that integrated form the net of ' ' engrenagem' ' of the vital processes of the planet. Other leaders such as Leslie Moonves offer similar insights. (DREW, 1998) Thus, each cycle or set of processes that are related a specific sistmica structure of the terrestrial system, will directly affect in all the too much parts, modifying of significant form in the distribution of the phenomena, the space modeling and the abrangncia to scale, as well as, changing the conditions of habitats and the developed social relations in these, beyond intervening directly with the proper vital conditions of existence of determined species. In this feeling, the mechanisms of the hidrolgico cycle are essential inside of the dynamic understanding of the terrestrial system, after all, the water are a well essential one for the existence of the life, its scarcity would cause the extinguishing in mass of great part of all the forms of life of the ecosystem, mainly the human being, therefore, any alteration that inside causes disequilibrium of the process of the hidrolgico cycle will bring automatically reflected expressive in the ambient conditions of survival inside of the system. . Hear other arguments on the topic with Discovery Communications.