Grandma Seven

my parents and my younger brother, who missed from greatly. It was on that trip and context when I heard for the first time the word crisis. Details can be found by clicking James Corden or emailing the administrator. He was seven years old. I remember even seeing seven o’clock newscast when I heard a story that talked about the crisis in which the country was. The national economy was at a critical moment, worsening armed conflict in my country of breeding and I would begin to hear that and other so many future crises in the consequential years through the media. What is crisis, Grandma? -I asked as a child of seven years who are really interested in obtaining a response does. With a luminous smile and staring at me with a large green eyes said: something that should not concern you, a word of great – my grandmother, a woman who had achieved the upbringing of my mother and my uncle with a salary that barely gave to eat and who had probably had to live in own meat several personal crises, me He gave a response that I’ve even been etched in my mind.

I confess that I still today do not clearly understand what the word blessed means. I witness situations that sometime I catalogue as crisis: my separation, the bankruptcy of my old business with the consequences it had on my economy, not having work and being a young father with three mouths to feed. A Word from adults, another of so many words such as stress, impossibility, limit, those that do not occupy the children and doubles the thought of adults, which serve only to pave the imagination and to explain to us those situations that exceed our understanding and force to break the shell of the reason. The crisis is a lens: a way of seeing the world. An opportunity to observe given the amount of travel that involves my work as a consultant, constantly know people in airports or airplanes.