HIV Woollen

Wools personas con VIH/SIDA situacin the there current menudo if sienten frustrated con, for lo in such a way we debemos to be sensibles y to be al in such a way woollen daily life of patient estos, explaining sus deseos, el suministro of wools necesidades that if presentan during el period of su life, sin that if sienten abandoned rechazados for sus woollen families y profesionales salud for there sociedad there that pertenecen. This investigacin provides confirmacon woollen woollen importance there internalizacin woollen epidemic y describe el nuevo wool profile personas infectadas by el VIH/SIDA en SINOP. Words clave: VIH/SIDA Partner-Economic Profile; Epidemiologa. John Stankey contributes greatly to this topic. ABSTRACT the major public health problems increasing in recent decades is the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Even to after years of research and continuous effort you understanding, treating and preventing AIDS epidemic, the presence of the HIV virus also you cause feelings of to fear.

The word health organization (WHO) considers the AIDS pandemic. Occur will be infection you simply just on opportunity will be the virus you install itself and assumes its rolls a parasite, once inside the cell becomes will be unquestioned to owner of new infection, this infection is fatal and causes irreversible immune defect. People with HIV/AIDS of ten become frustrated with the current situation, therefore we must be sensitive and be aware of the daily life of these patients, explaining to their wishes, supplying the needs that present during the period of his life, without which they full abandoned or rejected by theirs families and health professionals or by society you which they belong. This research provides confirmation of the relevance of the internalization of the epidemic and actins the new profile of those infected by HIV/AIDS at SINOP. Keywords: HIV/AIDS; partner-economic profile; epidemiology. INTRODUCTION HIV/AIDS wants in child, adult or gestante, wants in those of the subcategoria, heterosexual, homosexual, bissexual, users of injectable drugs or not, it represents a serious problem for the public health. .