Industrial Park West

Since the departure of the Americans in 1991, the former garrison site Wiley has been developed to the attractive residential area. At the end of the measure, once up to 3500 inhabitants to live. On the market for condominiums, moving the rates between 1,500 and 3,500 EUR per m and behave relatively stable. Check out mayo clinic for additional information. In the construction sector, prices between 2,200 to 3,500 EUR per m are called m. Here, various construction projects in Ulm and Neu-Ulm and Ulm around realize under local and national builders. The high-priced segment achieved scattered over 3,500 EUR per m sq. A supra-regional construction carrier plans about 4,000 meters on a total over 100 residential units on the site of gingerbread and white and the Flussmeisterei until 2014 to realise m plot. The apartments are in the premium segment m EUR 4,000 offered purchase price new approx per m.

On the housing market rents between 4 to 9 EUR per m and can reach up to 12 EUR per m in prime locations. The Ulm Office real estate market is due to its size and only limited national broadcast primarily of local importance. Related to the stock of office space of approximately 960,000 m sq. is the vacancy rate slightly below 5% and it still moves at a very low level. The market marked by regional demand focuses on the city of Ulm and the West city. Depending on the location, rents are between 6 and 10 EUR per m. Because of the already low level of rent is to proceed from a stable price development in best and good layers. Furthermore there are in the junction between the Western City, the shopping mile Blaubeurer Strasse and Soflingen with Business Park and the city shelf and other office buildings, the Danube valley, the industrial area Science Park, the Industrial Park West, the Edison Avenue on the former Wiley barracks, the center of bastion, the Neu-Ulm 21 with around 18 ha land project a sufficient supply of commercial space.